Saturday, 17 May 2008

Interlude ~ Fanzine Frenzy VI

Welcome to Fanzine VI
(can't be
lieve a whole month has passed since Fanzine V)

In this last month, I hope you don't think that 70s has been idle on the Fanzine front!!
Nothing could be further from the truth. There has been lots of research going on into 'the phenomenon that is DP'.
So much in fact I hardly know where to start?

One area I have been researching is the Papersurfer family tree. We all know the immediate family quite well by now the lovely TG, Penfold & Tiggz but what about the ancestors.
What astonished me was the lack of historical information about the Papersurfer clan on the interweave so I had a change of plan and visited many museums and libraries across the UK to amass the information I needed.

Imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago I popped into the local museum (they were exhibiting some caveman images found on the remote islands of Saint Pierre & Miquelon off the coast of Canada) and I spotted this!!

I know the quality is not good but surely this has to be a DP ancestor?... look at those primitive markings. I see a llama, a Mac & sandals! Or is it just 70s wild imagination and lack of sleep making me read too much into this??

If it can be confirmed what a scoop this is .... Daddy Papersurfer has deep Canadian roots. ......DP + Canada OMG who would have thought it??

It certainly would explain the remarkable unique relationship he has with his lovely secretary Fracas. So what do you think readers ??

In the city library they have a fine collection of Roman artifacts and information.
This wall was discovered on the South coast of Britain dated 410AD.
Etched into the rock is the name Vetus Ruga Varro Papyrasurfus. (translations are featured at the bottom of this post). It appears to resemble Roman era vandalism so small you probably c
an't see it

When I researched more I discovered other family members that included Flaccus, Brocchus, Ahala, Asellio & Bibaculus.
The story goes, as the Romans left the Papyrasurfus family decided to stay on in their beloved Brittania because they liked the weather so much.
It has to be an ancestor, as Daddy P does have a passion for sandals...... oh almost forgot this artifact was unearthed too ..... more evidence of pea-brain existence and the goddess tormentus

In the 1086, the name Papyrus Headfod Gemenged appears in the Doomsday book.

This said person was a nobleman but not that noble. King William decreed that everyone had to pay their taxes to the him in order to prevent private armies being funded but Papyrus decided he did not want to pay up. He was a mean 'old git' (not my words it is historic fact!) . So he disguised himself as a 'surf' and fled England's shores. It is not known where he fled to but the next time we come across a connection is in 16th century in France.

France in the 16th Century was renowned for it's great literary creations, skillful words games and elaborate sonorous and graphic experiment.
I came across many great works whilst paging through musty old books & suddenly I noticed the works of a Monsieur Surfer
de Papier who was prolific in his work circa 1540.
I just have to share some of his writings.

Cet oiseau de France, ma vie augmente utilisant tous ses charmes
Son esprit, son talent, ses cheveux oranges ses bras forts et de velu

a classic to a fellow peer

Les Codgers du monde unissent
Nous savons toujours que nous sommes de bons problèmes venons seulement pour passer Quand les gens parlent hors de leurs fonds.

about a paper Queen

La reine du papier est ici je voient

À Londres elle a été sans moi
Son stationnement est pantalon

Il commence ses harangues
Ainsi par chemin de fer elle va - oh yippee

& finally to the man himself from one of his fans

vous savez toujours à, ainsi à vous je dis qu'un grand vous remercie
! livré par camion, t'envoyant ma GRANDE étreinte, en arrière sur mon deux peu de pieds,
je me sens ainsi raccommodez bon ! maintenant je peux sortir et jeu, comme vous avez pour faire mon jour ! !

What talent? You may well ask?
(btw you may need Babelfish)

In 1892 a character known as Pops Red Eye got involved with the Wild Bunch when they robbed a bank in Kansas. It isn't precisely known how he got caught up in this mess. His neighbours described him as a quiet man whose only vice was having a tot of Red Eye down the local saloon.
Pops (later given the name 'Smiler' due to is lack of teeth) soon had a price on his head.

By 1895 the Wild Bunch had been caught but not Pops. He was never found but legend has it he lived the rest of his life out in a secluded cupboard somewhere on the Continent.

& that is all I have managed to find so far.

We know he has other possible relatives as we saw that in the last Fanzine ~ Gertrude Poppersufferer & Maplesurfer. Maybe that is where I should concentrate my search
If anyone has any information or theories about Daddy Papersurfer's family tree please let the Fanzine know and we will feature you in our next edition.

I said earlier there wasn't much of historical interest on DP on the interweave. But I did come across some 'cute' photos of him as a boy, aww that face only a mother could love!!!!

Normally I would end the Fanzine with a letter or two but none caught my eye this time unlike some of the photos of beauties. All of them wanting, in fact begging me to give them DP's address so they can see the phenomenon that is DP in the flesh. I don't think it would be fair to give it to them, as the torment they would feel camping outside his abode hoping to get a glimpse would be too cruel for words.

Stop Press.... Stop Press.... Stop Press..... Stop Press..... Stop Press..... Stop Press....Stop

Photo just in ......DP's Presidential support continues


Vetus Ruga Varro Papyrasurfus - Old Wrinkly Block-head Papersurfer
Ahala - Armpit
Asellio -Keeper of donkeys
Bibaculus - Drunkard
Broccchus -
Flaccus - Floppy Ears
Papyrus Headfod Gemenged -Paper Head mixed, mingled, confused
(Translate Beowulf Old English info source).


Diane said...

You know that photo of Hughie Green bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain person. Could they be related?.....

70steen said...

you know something Diane you may be on to something there .... well spotted ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm trying to take this all in. This drawer rummaging is very unsettling ........ just got to go away and rearrange 'things' .........

Diane said...

Is that a euphemism?.....

70steen said...

It wasn't me I never went bear your draws........

Diane ~ *snigger*

sylvie d said...

je rigole rigole rigole...ton francais est parfait!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Thank you Sylvie ..... I try my best ..... bon night and dormer trés well.

Oh, you weren't talking to me were you ....... *shuffling away quietly now* [merde]

70steen said...

Sylvie ~
remerciez la qualité du babelfish !

'je rigole rigole rigole' I love it rofl :-)

70steen said...

awww DP see you in the morning .... do you want a 4 am wake up call..[transporting family peeps to airport ... merde]

nursemyra said...

don't forget his cousin, flatulence

Cowgirl Betty said...

Well, 70s, we DP fans appreciate your extensive research and tracking of the Papersurfer lineage.

I think one of my ancestors encountered Pops One Eye while riding the paper trail . . .

fracas said...

Cowgirl Betty, was that Pops One Eye (as in Pops Red Eye only re-dubbed) or was that Pops' Red Eye. The Rev. happened to point out (while commenting at fracas) how very important grammar is and this is another situation I can see why.

I imagine running into Pops' One Eye on the trail would be a rather memorable event... in more ways than one.

All that aside though, good investigative work 70steen; I can see why you're in charge of the Fanzine!

70steen said...

NM~ ahh!!! of course Tiberius Flatulus lol

70steen said...

CGB~ ooo I like that 'the paper trail'
It must have been an ordeal for your ancestors. I can only apologise on behalf of the whole of the British Isles for allowing Papersurfers to cross the pond as settlers

70steen said...

Dear Frac~ your comment gave me quite a stir. Firstly I thought The Rev had joined the Grammar Squad (then read his comment & laughed) and secondly I do feel that you have been working too hard for DP for you are showing early traits akin to 'Grammar Squaditis'. Only slightly as yet but it will get worse the closer you work to DP. Just take care my dear friend ...actually I think he should pay for a holiday for you .... that is the least he could do ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If I pay for a holiday for Fraccy who would fill in while she's away?
She's efficient.....ish and cheap.
No, I'll stick to giving advice and perhaps one of a pair of flipflops.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I have now given all this information great thought and I have decided that I'm definitely ........... historical.

May I commend you young 70's on a thoroughly researched piece of research ....... my flabber is gasted.

tNb said...

Ah ... I knew DP had a soft spot for Canadians ... :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Only a selected few ...... phew.

fracas said...

LAND SAKES 70steen, you are right! I hadn't noticed it until you said that, but I think I do need a holiday.

Tonight I'll enjoy a long bubble bath whilst I peruse the travel brochures. {{Luckily I moved his wallet/checkbook to that other drawer he never looks in, it will come in handy when it's time to book flights and hotel...}}

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there... uhuhuh, was quite shocked to see the pics of the fan and daddy's history!!

err i mean the family tree!! tee hee... :)

70steen said...

DP ~ Historical meaning having once existed or lived in the real world, as opposed to being part of legend or fiction or as distinguished from religious belief

sort of sums it up don't you think
(this is painful as my ISP is playing up good style!!)

70steen said...

oo & I do hope that your flabber recovers from being gasted !!

70steen said...

tNB .... I think that must mean that you can legally call him 'Pops!!' :-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac .. I am sorry that I had to poke you in the eye with that one
The bubble bath and may I add a few scented candles are just the thing for you whilst you peruse .... oh can I direct to the Maldives .. crisp white beaches and glorious sun and cocktail (he can afford it where as he can't afford to lose you ;-) )
[OMG you are so smart ... where are we off to .. I grabbed his pin No whilst he was snoozing lol ]

70steen said...

B4by ~ I know what a past our beloved DP has ....... I reckon, however, his fans will eventually sort him out .. Particularly the muscley one hee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm still having nightmares about the 'muscley'one. The other one, that looks like JohnC, is rather sweet.....

70steen said...

ok ok it didn't need an 'e' looks wrong with and without lol

At least we know where one of the piccies comes from (does JC have a connection to Ms DeRanged??) just have to see if anyone coughs to the 'other' photo (gulp.... I wonder who??? Oh & before ANYTHING is said .... IT IS NOT 70s)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Now you come to mention it ......mmmmm .......

70steen said...

now I come to mention what exactly????

shle3pyb4by said...

uhuh... its quite 'scary' to have those muscley one somehow... heheheh...

thanks for the mention, anyway!! *hug and kisses to 70steen!!*

Shinade said...

Without a doubt you win hands down on all reporting concerning DP.

LMBO....this is hillarious!! I am so glad that I got my puter up and running and didn't miss this!!

Love and hugs,

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's a very serious piece of research ........ 70's should get a grant ..... or, at least, a grunt.

(I reckon that piccy might be her twin sister - more grunts)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Have you broken FMB again? It's not very stable is it? I'm sure they'll sort it out.
It's Sylvie's birthday tomorrow - poor old thing.

70steen said...

Jackie thanks ... DP is such a great subject to get your teeth into .... the stories are just endless LOL :-D

70steen said...

If that is my twin sister you better get running for the hills hee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Good point ..... I am soooooo slow

70steen said...

I'll tell her to give you a head start ...1......2....3.....4...5.........

Daddy Papersurfer said...

The party's quite good isn't it? Oooo .... I better do a post for tomorrow ........ whooooooosh

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Gosh...I go away for a few days & miss all the fun! Great Fan-zine 70' must be exhausted from digging up all that hysterical historical information!
And HAPPY birthday to Fracas & Sylvie! My blog-mistress had hers last week too....she's older than you....but not as old as DaddyP.

70steen said...

Olga ~ Thank you yes it was exhausting but a labour of love [lol] I think DPs fans deserve the best ;-)

I was half way to posting a comment on how fabulous your blogmistress looks and my internet collapsed... must see if it took or not?

[let's face it no one is older than Daddy P lol]