Thursday, 29 May 2008

27th, 28th & 29th May 1979

Monday 27
Go to Stafford
Got up at 7.00 am

Got to Stafford at 11.25

Sam's mum had a booze up

Went to the Woolpack

Sam told me about what happened between him and G

I was really upset

He is very sorry (mmm I bet he was!!)

Went his next door neighbours for a drink

Bed 11.45

Blondie- Sunday Girl number 1

Tuesday 28
Went to Northampton
Saw Sam's Aunt & Uncle and their new baby = lovely

Went to Woolpack

Bed at 12.00

Wednesday 29
Went to Stafford
Got a pair of sandals £3.99 & a 'boob tube' £1.99

Got back 5 ish

Walked to the 'Hollybush' at Salt (what a lovely looking English Country Pub it is)

Had a peppermint & pomegranate drink = lovely

Had a long, long natter with Sam

& here are the long awaited results for Monday's quiz

Annie Mouse got a 'B' boyfriend.
Aquarius -
He is very easy to spot as he stands out from the crowd and often has something quite distinct about his appearance. He maybe unusually short or tall, or have red hair or a beard, for instance - and he doesn't mind others thinking he is different!

You're probably the kind of girl who likes to be different too, or you could just be a gentle, loving, homely girl who wants to cuddle up and look after him !

Either way you can expect an interesting fun packed time with your Aquarian - he won't get into a rut easily, is full of ideas and plans and will take you along with him. He's often musically incline, but whatever his talents, he'll appreciate someone who is as individual as he is- and that someone is definitely you!!!

(hate to say this I married a fellow Aquarian and just lets say he was non of the above but he was on the cusp though!!)

Fascinating that NurseMyra, Diane, B4by & I all chose the 'E' boyfriend...

he may be the best looker you'll ever set your eyes on - & that's going to mean a lot of competition for you to beat! (70s ed. how spooky!!)
But he's worth it because he is a real charmer, has a nice nature and an eye catching flair for clothes. He'll appreciate anything you do to improve yourself as although he's very masculine, he has a very keen eye that is bound to notice if you've done your hair in a slightly different style or have got a new pair of jeans.
But remember he will also notice when your eyeshadow has smudged and your boots have gone down at heel, so be prepared to work hard at your own looks and grooming when he is around.
Librians are specially sensitive to things like scent too, so find out what his choice is and use it liberally.

And here is Sugar's choice - boyfriend H

It's well known that this is the luckiest sign in the whole zodiac and you'll often find that Sagittarians seem to have more than their fair share of the goodies - good looks, job, money, friends!
You name it that have got it! This means two important things for any girl who fancies him: firstly, he is seldom hard up for a good time, so no point playing it cool! While you are waiting for him to remember your phone number, he's probably off somewhere with somebody else! Secondly, he likes everything to be fun, so the minute your romance starts looking too serious or too difficult, he'll be off with an easier girlfriend (70s ed. Oh my word Sugar ... he doesn't sound too good!!)
Keep it simple, keep it happy ... and you'll keep your Sagittarian boyfriend. Unlike some others, though, he isn't intentionally unkind and he won't two-time you behind your back. He may be hard to hold on to but at least he is honest (70s ed. that is a bit of cold comfort sorry Sugar!!)

There are obviously 12 results and of course I am not going to type them all out.... but for the boys, if you share with us goddess's your zodiac sign, I will pop up on 70s what it says about you ;-)

Simply wonderful Blondie ... I helped get it to number one


The Rev. said...

Aries here!

tNb said...

Peppermint & pomegranate?!? How have I made it to thirty-mumble and never tasted a peppermint & pomegranate drink?

PS: Thanks for the Blondie fix :-)

Anonymous said...

wow as if i would get a boyfriend who is stuck in a rut!!!!

well done on all that typing 70's, you do work hard for us.

Anonymous said...

wow as if i would get a boyfriend who is stuck in a rut!!!!

well done on all that typing 70's, you do work hard for us.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

....and after his explanation of himself and 'G' spot he went next door to the neighbours!!!!! You poor, innocent and deluded girl .......

I hope the long natter included the line "Get out of my life completely.... you, you, you ner do well! - tsk."

Jacks Place said...

sorry i've done it again.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i have woken up properly yet, hey DP how are you.

Diane said...

I'm not sure I could cope with a perfectionist chap, noticing I was a bit overweight or my eye shadow was smudged.
I've also done the good looking bloke thing (in fact my ex could have had Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain' written about him) - nightmare.
So I think I'll pass, thanks anyway!

I think I need a plain, blind as a bat sort of chap who would count his lucky stars to have me... :)

Anonymous said...

oh c'mon spill the beans - what happened with "G"

I used to go out with a libran and he was rather like that, especially the bit about perfume.

my son is a saggo and that description rings true. his poor boyfriend has a lot to deal with.

70steen said...

Rev~ I will post the description of you later

70steen said...

tNb ~ although I must have had it (as it is in the diary) I have no idea now how it must taste..... may have to try it as an adult.

Blondie is cool isn't she :)

70steen said...

Annie ~ I know you wouldn't fall for that ;-)

70steen said...

DP~ I am afraid I was a big softy those days :-(

70steen said...

Diane ~ yes the Libra guy started off quite good and then it got to the perfection bit and I thought mmmm????

When you find your plain blind as a bat man could you ask him whether he has a brother?? lol

70steen said...

NM~ if memory serves me rightly I think it was a snogging session .... but next time I see Sam I will ask him ;)

70steen said...

p.s. NM ~ the saggo description certainly fits a few saggos I have come across too

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I bet he will pretend he's forgotten! - MEN!!! - useless! ..... [hang on - what am I saying!!!?!]

70steen said...

hee hee ... I totally agree with you DP ... oh wise one *snigger*

Sugar Queens Dream said...

My Husband is a Sagittarius! isn't that just weird LOL
He has been my ache and pain in the arse at times but what a solid catch when I finally got him down the isle~
Hugs and Love girl friend~~

70steen said...

oo Sugar I am so delighted that a quiz from 1978 is sooo accurate

Hugz to you too GF :-)