Saturday, 10 May 2008

10th May 1979

Thursday 10
Hair cut =20p (it would have been done by a student at Tech for that price)
Had passport photos taken =
Letter off Sam
Made salmon & cucumber plait, parmeaise& cream horn. (no idea what parmeaise is???)
Sam phoned at 10.30 pm
He sounded tired
Can't wait to see him on the 18thM

Well it had to be done I have rooted out the passport photo... gosh I look like a spaniel. That is what happens when you pay only 20p for a hair cut lol

So I also found some other ones and the latest so here they are !!

A temporary one when I got married in 1989 (wtf was my hair and shoulder pads doing ????)

How miserable is this one in 1995... let me think ? Yes I was. The dark hair was a statement of how crap the fabulous marriage had then become by 1995!!

This my current one .. OMG this is with me until 2015 lol

It got me to thinking I wonder if anyone had been brave to post theirs on the internet? .... and you know there ain't many (but maybe my search was rubbish!)
these 2 where ... well done

and here are a couple of famous ones (or is that infamous??)

and some wonderful old ones which are fabulous.. so relaxed and show the true person

And this is my mothers ID card from 1957 ( she was 26 years old. It says 1937 because I used it in an art project about the Spanish Civil War.... see how easy it is to forge docs.. ok it is not brilliant but a quick glimpse it would not be noticed!!! That was not the intent it was to age the photo for the project)

So on a scale from 1 - 10 how accurate is your passport photograph to how you think you look?
(1 is way off beam - 10 is spot on!)


Anonymous said...

you have got younger the older you have got.

Cowgirl Betty said...

Oh 70s, you are brave. I also agree with Anon.

I am a bit more squeemish. I would only feel comfortable posting my most flattering features on the 'net (being my feet).

I once had a haircut that made me look like the doppelganger of Rod Stewart for a horrifying 12 hours.

Oddly enough, my hair is reminescent of David Cassidy today.

Thanks for the warm thoughts, by the way. Y'all put a smile on this cowgirl's face.

nursemyra said...

I really like my first three passport photos - this latest one not so much. I'd give it a 5 out of 10.

your mother was gorgeous and your latest passport photo is the best of all

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I am sorry you have suffered from the same eye defect for so many years - it must have made life very difficult for you.

[I think all mine have been thrown away - I'll have a rummage. The current one, which expires next year, shows a much younger man although well into being distinguished!]

shle3pyb4by said...

hey hey... ;) morning!!

i like your latest photo as well!! agree with nursemyra. (wave to NM, betty and anon... whoops to daddy as well!) ;)

you look gorgeous. and your mum, she's reaaaally pretty. uhuhh... after all, good looks run in the family! ;)

happy sunday!

70steen said...

Oh Annie thank you. So do you think that wil carry on so when I am 70 I will look 17?
No I guess not darn it lol

70steen said...

Hi CGB~ Rod Stewart's doppleganger!! rofl :-)

You are welcome btw

70steen said...

love that piccie of my Mum she reckons she looks like a refugee???

70steen said...

DP~ do you think laser eye correction surgery may help?
Oh I do hope you can find the photos it would be so funny :-)

70steen said...

B4by - thank you
& happy Sunday to you too :-)

Anonymous said...

the way you are going it wouldn't suprise me, but would you really want to be 17 again?

70steen said...

Annie ~ you know it may be fun .... It would certainly annoy my teen lol

anniegirl1138 said...

I think your latest photo is the best one too. It's the hair I think. Even taking the "eye affliction" into account" it suits you.

My current passport photo is a 10 compared to the one on my driver's license. My husband the Canadian though has one that makes him look quite menacing, but I think it's the Canadian rule forbidding smiles in passport photos. I guess that makes it harder for the border people to identify a person (or maybe it just pegs the Canadians from all the grinning riffraff of the world.)

70steen said...

Thank you Anniegirl
ID photos are always grim. Thank goodness no one really studies them too closely
We can't smile on passport photos either, I wonder why? Surely someones teeth are a great way of identifying some one
(of course not in DP's case as he has none lol)

Diane said...

I really like your latest photo even though your eyes look like they have been really lasered.

When I had my latest passport phototaken, the stool in the photo booth was a bit low ...and then they cropped it at the passport office so I look like I am a midget peering over a high wall....

70steen said...

Oh Diane you simply have to show us lol :-)