Thursday, 22 May 2008

22nd May 1979

Monday 22
Boring day at college
It rained & rained & rained

Came home at 1.30 (hardly a full 'boring day at college'!!)

Did some Sociology

Fi was at a school in Leyland.

Sam phoned

He had been to Dudley again & sounded tired
Can't wait to see him on Sunday

Thursday 22 2008
Got up at 6.30 (hit snooze too many times!)
Had a shower and washed hair

Got dressed, dried hair, walked the pup
Woke teen

Made breakfast
(crumpets and la vache qui rit cheese, sounds so much better than 'Laughing Cow' it is always referred to as 'la vache' cheese in our house)
Straighten hair put on makeup

Made Teen's sandwiches

Kicked Teen and mate out to school

Got 8.45 train to work

Meeting 9.30 - 12.30
(one of those meetings where you have no knowledge of what is about to be discussed so have to listen to everything that is said... great view of Manchester out of the window 16 floors up btw lol)
Back to office

13.00 out to lunch

met Sam
Coffee in Carluccio's (Sandwiches were served at the meeting so wasn't hungry) Had a good old natter (family, mutual old friends etc amazed his gran that he visited in Manchester is still with us aged 91. We laughed about this blog and I told him there was worse to come lol)
14.15 back to office
Sam off to Hastings
Left office at 17.30
17.45 train late as per usual.

Home and back out to Tesco
1 hour and £80 later got back home

Cooked a Chinese sir fry for tea (organic chicken, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, bean sprouts, mushrooms in an oyster sauce with ginger and egg fried rice.. all from raw ingredients of course)
Phoned Mum
Chatted to Annie on e mail .. trying to persuade her to make a blog (the gif image doesn't work here .. it should have Cliff's face popping up over the sign)

Visited loads of blogs that I have neglected to do of late (may not have commented on some but have popped along for read)

Wrote this !!


nursemyra said...

you can come to my place and make dinner any time you want 70s :-)

70steen said...

NM ~it would be a pleasure ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Going back to 1979 - is Leyland near Dudley? Why did Sam sound tired? Why do you suspect nothing?!!!?

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the cliff face picture i am imagining cliff's face popping up.

i'd forgotton about the linch appointment.

does he like the blog?

tNb said...

Sam! Sam? What happens with Sam?!? I suppose you'll tell me to be patient ...

70steen said...

DP ~ you are showing your Souvern side and lack of geography skills Norff of Oxford lol

70steen said...

Annie~ I will send it you on e mail later.
'linch' appointment hee hee yep same schooling :-)
Yes he likes it, he thinks it is funny (thank god!!)

70steen said...

tNb ~ 'be patient' *snigger*

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If you defined the 'gif' as a 'gif' We might see the pic of Cliff
If you don't
Then we wont
My advice for you, a free gift

[I'm not starting that rubbish again ..... it far too much like hard work]

Anonymous said...

so poetic DP, i'm moved by your back in a minute...tee hee

The Rev. said...

I don't too much to say, other than YES it is very nice to wave the magic Delete Comment wand every once in a while.

Also, I finally figured out how to get my display name to change on this thing (sadly took a while to find the right setting).

And, of course, glad you're back in the saddle again.

-The Rev.

70steen said...

Oh what a joy Daddy P
You always fill my heart with glee
Your witty comments & heartfelt words
Send me all at sea

hee hee

70steen said...

oo Annie TMI lol

70steen said...

Hi Rev~ yes the 'magic finger of delete' is such a satisfying tool to have. You certainly have had some mad comments from half wits.

Saddle ?? what saddle? never got off it ;-)
[he is married and we are just two friends meeting up]