Thursday, 1 May 2008

1st May 1979

Tuesday 1
John Mays came to put a new bathroom suite in - had a leak = hysterical
(no not the plumber or me, the bathroom. I am sure mum didn't think it was 'hysterical'!!. In true 70s style ... yes it was avocado. Mum chose orange sunburst coloured tiles, obviously not to match!! When I bought this house it too had a most hideous avocado bathroom suite which had matching hideous avocado tiles ... I know I have a photo of it some where, the one below is stolen off the web, when we were bathing the dog (he hated baths) , I just had to keep it for the fear factor!!)

Bought a bicycle bag 90p from Clobber (the bestest trendiest shop in Southport where you could by Brutus Gold jeans really cheap)
Sam's firm are keeping him on full-time
I am really pleased for him
Fi has gone on a blind date

I have been hunting around for the furniture we had in our homes in the 70s ,,,, came up with lava lamps, radiograms, clashing colours (omg our bathroom was a great example) but failed ... as ever (on my school reports.. could do better!!).....never fear I will make time to research such gems :-)


shle3pyb4by said...

hi!! i think i'm starting to like green... hmmm, i think the bathroom do look nice. yes? ;)

happy friday, 70steen!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I guess I better put my plans of putting an avocado suite in the new place on hold then? - ho hum

Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... wasn't there a nice pink colour doing the rounds at about that time? Perhaps I'll go for that ......

Gene Bach said...

Man, if you didn't need to puke when you went in the bathroom you sure would after you got there. LOL!!

Jeanna said...

I've gotten sick in many a bathroom that looked like that. Especially in the seventies.

70steen said...

Hi B4by... you weren't around when that awful bathroom suite was a must in everyones home was so sickly ... I will root out the photo I have and you will see just how bad it was

Happy Friday now Saturday to you, have fun :-)

70steen said...

DP~ oh yes the hideous pink not shell pink or was it .. mmmmm? Leave that with me & will report back!
How about dark blue ... what a nightmare to keep clean it always had a white cast on it lol

70steen said...

Gene ~ welcome to 70sland :-)
Yep if you didn't feel pukey before you entered the room you surely would instantly after .... wtf were they thinking back then??

70steen said...

jenna ~ welcome to you too
Yes that avocado hue is enough to make you barff
It is even worse next morning when in the comfort of your own home you STILL have to face it again :-)

If I knew any difference in those days I would have started the 'white is right' campaign lol

70steen said...

oh in sanitary ware that is