Wednesday, 14 May 2008

14th May 1979

Monday 14
Got photos from Truprint - ok
Nice one o
f Sam
Fi's are better though
Ordinary day at college
Sam phoned twice

Wish he
was here
Watched '
Vampire Circus' = good

Well the few of us that did the quiz last night... I am ok with having the same results as the lovely Nursey ..... but DP??? That is really worrying
(the Rev didn't cough to his results .... but at least we know what the Reverend wears when relaxing!!)

So I know you have been waiting with anticipation are the results!
Mostly A's

Mostly B's

Mostly C's

Mostly D's


anniegirl1138 said...

Sorry for skipping the quiz. I am racing to get my blog pieces done and scheduled ahead as we are heading out for the long May weekend on holiday.

Vampire Circus? Checked out the wiki but don't think it's well known over here. I love vampire stuff though. Watched Dark Shadows (soap opera) as a small child and was a huge Buffy and Angel fan when the shows were on.

Pete said...

Indeed it is crushed velvet. Or rather, they are crushed velvet; I have a rotating wardrobe of eight capes, all various colors, of course (anyone remember ROYGBIV? Plus a black one for laundry day, obviously).

Now, if you'll excuse me (cape whoosh), I have a giant free cookie to consume.

-The Rev.

ps: I think I would've gotten Mars.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You find it worrying!! The thought of escaping to another planet and finding you two there ......


nursemyra said...

"easy going and practical" yep that's me. definitely not sociable though - they got that part wrong

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there.. i got Uranus?? sorry for coming back here late for the quiz. something went wrong somehow yesterday, but back again healthily now! thanks to daddy!! :)

i did the text, and now i see the results!!

70steen said...

annie girl ~ I don't do horror fil,s but I must admit I do love Vampire films. There is something strangely fascinating about them, haven't figured what it is yet??

ooooo where are you going for a long break? Where ever it is have oodles of fun :-)

70steen said...

ooo another Martian lol
ROYGBIV? I had to look it up I thought you had done a 70s typo (which is acceptable over here) ... what a great way of remembering :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ you just know that you would love it ;-) *snigger*

70steen said...

B4by~ I had a lot of A's (5 xA & 6x B) there is a lot of the description in A I can relate too

Glad Daddy put his talents to good use to get you up and at it again


70steen said...

NM hun~ you are sociable. Did you get a lot of another letter???

shle3pyb4by said...

uhuuhhh... i mean, test!! quiz!! shhh.... (did daddy see that??)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

See what? What's going on? .... oh, never mind

70steen said...

don't worry b4by he has had his pills tonight lol :-)

70steen said...

oh DP didn't see you lurking there !!!
How is life as a poet?? Although you don't know it!

Pete said...

We were always taught to remember Roy G. Biv, an enormous fellow who perpetually gallivanted around in rainbow patterned clothing.

R ed
O range
Y ellow
G reen
B lue
I ndigo
V iolet

Isn't learning fun??

70steen said...

Rev~ learning is so much fun and I so love the rainbow Roy G. Biv acronym :-)

nursemyra said...

I'm not sociable in real life 70s. hate parties and would rather read, watch a movie or blog than make idle chitchat or sit down to dinner with more than three people.

but if it were you and three clones of you I'd make an exception :-)