Tuesday, 6 May 2008

6th May 1979

Sunday 6
Got up at 11.00
Walked round Ainsd
Called in on 'J'

Went to town

Played pool

Went to 'J's from 8.00 - 12.30

Met her boyfriend 'P' = good night got a bit tipsy

As Sam and I strolled around Ainsdale village I thought I would surf the 'net and see what is listed there (apart from 70steen photos of course). In the 2001 census there were just under 13,000 people living there... a bit of a bigger village to when I lived there
The images I have found mostly are soooo uninteresting (note to self next time I am home take the camera!!although the sunsets are something I have not seen whilst I lived there.. I like those & Fred Bates has made an effort )

Old railway station - Ainsdale Beach Station

I still love the sand dunes

My old church - St.Johns

My mate knew the old lady that owned the house at the back of this photo & we would cut through to the village. As a small child it felt like a 'secret garden'. It is now the doctors surgery

Ah the Railway Pub... I spent more time i the Formby Railway becasue my teachers drank in this one.
I moved to Aindsdale in 1965 and the photos that Francis Firth show on his site is how I remember the village.
If you have a spare £500,000 this
is what you could buy

And finally ..........as there is not a big surf on Ainsdale beach (you do struggle to see the sea at times) there is a lot of this going on it would seem!

Gosh I wish this had been invented when I was youth would have so joined in, there was always the buggy racing with kites, because it is so flat, but nothing like this... looks great fun


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Kite surfing was invented for this country I guess - it's always windy. We paid for Penfold to have a lesson a few years ago but he prefers warmer climes and proper waves.........
There was a bloke down here, lost control, flew over the beach front houses and landed in a back garden - ouch!

nursemyra said...

that little church is so beautiful

70steen said...

DP ~ it is certainly windy on this coast and not much surf. Not surprised that Penfold prefers sunnier climbs in the water but the skate board and kite bit does look exciting .. can't say I would like to end up in someones back garden though.. all those garden gnomes !!!

70steen said...

NM~ yes it is a lovely church and the stained glass window are fabulous :-)