Tuesday, 20 May 2008

17th ~ 20th May 1979

Thursday 17
Didn't go to college today cos cookery was cancelled
My brother went to Lancaster (what is with all this Lancaster attraction??)
Bought a green blouse £4.99

Went to Fi's

Phoned Sam & he was in a lovely mood .. honest!!

Grumpy beggar!!!

Friday 18

Some lessons cancelled
So didn't go to college

Except for an hour (Huh??? So I did go to college... doh!!!)
Bought Blondie Sunday Girl 12"single £1.79 = great
Sam came = in an ace mood
Went to the Railway
Then came home with some ale

Bed 1.30 am

Saturday 19
Work 9.00 -5.30 £7.40
Met Sam at lunch time & at 1/2 5.
Went to the Houghton for a drink
Came home

Went the Ken S's party= ace
Loads of ale
Fi is going with Jim H
Stayed at Fi's

Sunday 20

Got up at 8.00
Sam left on the 9.05 train to Liverpool
& 10.12 train to Stafford
Went back to Fi's

Stayed for dinner
Jim H came round and gave me a lift home
Got 2 t-shirts from the catalogue
Sam phoned
He didn't get back to Staffs until 12.45.

He went to Donnington Park in the afternoon to watch F3 (Formula 3 racing cars)

Today it is the lovely Sylvie's birthday and last week (although she kept it hidden) it was dear Fracs too

So wishing the girls or if you like (in teen speak 2008) 'Da gurlz'
A really Happy Birthday xx


sylvie d said...

Love it love it love it! Thanks 70,can you sort dp out is starting to scare everyone off at mine...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

No I'm not ...... I've fallen asleep.

I bet Sam was in a good mood 'cos he'd been snogging Fi!!!! - the strumpet!!!

70steen said...

Sylvie~ I am so pleased you like it
Hope you had a perfect day :-)

70steen said...

Hmmmm DP ~ go back to sleep lol

fracas said...

Thanks for including me there
70steen, I loved those little grey guys in the first video. It's pretty sad though, when one realizes that even they can sing better. ;-)

Now.. I just have to find someone who likes to boogie and perhaps I could have a boogie night. Mr. Fracas is not the dancing kind. I wonder if that Latin guy from Dancing with the Stars is free?

70steen said...

Dear Frac you are so very welcome :-)
I am sure the Latin guy would love to boogie night with you ;-)