Saturday, 31 May 2008

31st May 1979

Thursday 31
Sam back at work
Went to meet him at lunchtime & after work
A bit boring waiting for him
Went to the Woolpack 8.30 - 11.00
Bed at 12.00

I have been preoccupied to night as it is the final of Britain's Got Talent (Oh and the final of Nancy... but that is recorded so shhh!)
I have dipped in and out watching some of the shocking entries in the early stages but I must say that the line up tonight for the final was pretty darned good.

Who is going to win? As the judges said it is between 5 acts. For me it is 3.

These guys just have me toe tapping big style and make me giggle

Can you believe this girl is only 12 years old? What a gorgeous voice of an angel. This is from her original audition.

Just wish I had learned the violin at school... how cool are these girls?

I have no idea who will win ... I couldn't chose between these 3


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I recorded 'Talent' and watched 'Nancy'. I'll type the winner in brackets so you can't see who is a nancy.

(Graham Norton - tee hee)

70steen said...

hee hee ....... & the winner is on BGT isssssssssssssss...... da daH!!!

70steen said...

[I know the winner of Nancy 'coz we cheated in the interval and I am delighted ... she was just the ticket!!]

Anonymous said...

who was it???? i was in bed after being up early....

Jacks Place said...

i said right from the beginning she would win.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I thought Jessie had an edge that might have been better. Obviously the Lord and Macaroon wanted her as well - Jodie is excellent of course....... not that I've ever watched it of course ..... complete rubbish!!!

nursemyra said...


out of those three clips the 12 year old is the winner for me

Anonymous said...

yer right Dp!!!!!!!

i'm off to work see you all later.

70steen said...

I wanted Jodie to win from the start ... a gritty Northern Lass .... Jessie sang beautifully but I don't think she had the strength of character, that warmness that Jodie has......

70steen said...

NM# The bbc have been running a knock out event to find a Nancy for the West End's production of Oliver... this is the website

& this is Jodie