Sunday, 1 June 2008

1st June 1979

Friday 1
Come home from Stafford
Packed & met Sam at 12.30
Went to Nag's Head for lunch

Met him again at 5.00

Got the 5.30 train home

Hated leaving

Started Sam's present

Phoned Fi
Sam phoned

Got a late entry from Fracas on the latest quiz ...... her boyfriend came out as 'L'. I would hate my dear friend to have anymore sleepless nights, tossing and turning thinking about what the result would have been for her.... so here is Boyfriend 'L'... he is a Pisces

You may have known your Piscean for some time with out really considering him as boyfriend material. He is the sort of nice, good natured, easy going type a girl grows up thinking of as the boy next door. He is dependable and nice to have around, someone she can talk to - she never thinks of him as a romantic possibility, and then wham!!! So, take another look. There maybe drawbacks (70s ed - isn't there always lol) - he's usually easily influenced. He's loving and affectionate and can make the perfect partner, but if he's involved with the wrong crowd, it may take all your wiles to get him away from them! He's worth it, though!!
(ooh he does sound worth it !!)

After yesterdays lovely hot weather I had this clip ready to post today (love Carousel) ... but it has rained all day today ... but at least the clip cheered me up.

Thought I would post a crossword for tonights addition. It is from 1978 so I reckon you may have to surf the net if you weren't around in them days and even if you were by now your memory will have got addled hee hee


The Rev. said...

I absolutely love crosswords (laptop is currently sitting atop a mammoth book of 1500 New York Times puzzles...). This one could be a bit of a challenge, but I'll give it a shot.

And now, off to mow the lawn (shorts-check, knee high black socks-check, 3 foot diameter straw hat-check, check, and check!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I can get quite a lot of those actually ........ but I'm a bit busy watching the recording of Britain's Got Talent ....... not that there's much point NOW!!!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

The Vicar's playing chequers now!!!

70steen said...

Rev ~ I have to ask ..... knee high socks with shorts?? Is that some sort of fashion statement? I am just calling the Fashion Police ......

70steen said...

DP~ whoops sorry :-(

70steen said...

perhaps the Vicars lawn looks like this?

The Rev. said...

I dress for success!

How did you find that photo of me? And so quickly? My God you're impressive...(and sneaky)

70steen said...

hee hee .... 70s may be knocking on a bit now but has a search technique that is razor sharp...

hey ho off to bed ... can't believe it is almost Monday already !!!!

boat tart said...

oh that Pisces bit made me's oh so true......x

nursemyra said...

that doesn't sound like pisces at all to me. stephen was a pisces and so is my youngest son, neither of them could be described as "nice, easygoing and dependable"

hey I think I could get most of those crossword clues. makes me feel really old :-)

fracas said...

See.. just like a sis you do that for me. ;-)

I will definitely sleep better tonight now. Thanks!

70steen said...

ah a difference of opinion on Pisces .... could that be because there are 2 fish???

Nice to see you here again BT :-)

NM ~ I knew all but 2 so I must be very old :-(

70steen said...

hey Fraccy sis ... as if I would have you up all night wondering

Anyway you are very welcome :-)