Wednesday, 25 June 2008

25th & 27th June 1979

Monday 25
Went to college at 10.00
Got 40% for Cookery
& 31.5% for Business Studies
Got to do it again on 5th Sept. (I sooo hated Business Studies .... well it was the lecturer I disliked really. He had horrid crooked teeth, a bad mop of greasy hair and spat when he spoke ... eeeew)
Bought a bikini for £5.99
Suitcase for £10.50

Sunglasses £2.45

Sam rang at 11.00 ish

He said he was tired (awww!!!)

Tuesday 26
Got up at 9.45
They didn't need me in work but it was very sunny
Sunbathed all morning
Went to Fi's
Sunbathed there in the afternoon
= I am quite reddy brown
Went to Fi's to discuss the holiday (to La Rochelle in August)
Sam phoned
He'd been playing 5 - a - side footy.

I nipped up town at lunch time, dodging the rain showers. On an impulse, tempted by the 'golden arches' (plus I was starving) I decided to pop in and get a McDonalds Happy Meal for my dinner (cheese burger, fries and strawberry milk shake... bang goes the diet but yummy after a week of rabbit food!)
Anyway happy was the last thing you could use to describe the counter staff... words like 'brusk', 'incoherent','couldn't be bothered' were more appropriate.

It reminded me of a training video by McDonalds C1970s, that I was sent ages ago.
The guys today were certainly like the 'before' examples...... perhaps I should send it to McDonalds for them to use in training their staff today ... it has more 'cheese' than they put on their burgers but at least they could be 'happy & gay'.

Check out how many times the young lad says 'courtesy' although to me it sounds like 'curtsy'.

Wouldn't it be funny if every time you went into McDonalds the staff curtsied before they took your order lol .


Annie Mouse said...

did you buy anything we needed for the weekend up town then, did you did you hey hey?????

Annie Mouse said...

mind you the customers are as bad as the staff, no manners.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

"temoted by the 'golden arches'" - I assume this is some crippling disease from wearing shiny platform soles in your youth - a tendency to teeter perhaps whilst removing motes from your eye?

[I must stop doing this ..... it's very bad form - it's just ...... that I can't help myself - tee hee]

70steen said...

Annie~ what are you suggesting 'something for the weekend??' *snigger*

70steen said...

DP ~ I have no idea what you are on about?? Must be all that close working with Olga ;-)

Annie Mouse said...

i know i was thinking that after i typed it.

Drowsey Monkey said...

The more he said courtesy the more I wanted to slap him! LOL!!!

70steen said...

mm Annie ~ yes think before you type .... Oh I wish I was that wise lol ;-)

70steen said...

Oh Drowsey ... yes just HOW annoying is he... I would have gladly stood in his queue in Maccy D's, not to place an order but to slap him hee hee

Annie Mouse said...

oh please......

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ooooo ...... you've had a 'p' .........

70steen said...