Friday, 27 June 2008

27th June 1979

Wednesday 27
Wages =£10.00
Worked 11.00 - 6.30 = quite busy
Fi came round and stayed the night
Letter off Sam
He phoned at 9.45am
I phoned him at 10.15pm
Love him

Well it is Friday .... thank goodness.
I have been studying all day and my brain is about to explode.
Annie Mouse is staying for the weekend so I may not be around much until Sunday.
She has told me she is bringing some of her Cliff memorabilia with her.... a kind of 'show and tell'.
Bless... she will be trying to show me and I will be telling her to stop ...pleeeease nooooo lol

We have a few things planned, most certainly a fund raising ghost hunt thing tonight at an 800 year old mansion. Apparently it is 'very spiritually active'.... OMG how scary is this going to be!!

Annie has a fear of dressed up people and she was concerned that there may be some there. I have put her mind at rest I told her that the only ones dressed up will be the ghosts in their natural costumes of the time, so she should be ok hee hee

Elvis Ghost Riders in the Sky 1970

Travares - Ghost of Love 1978

Monster Mash 1973

oooo I am scaring myself now eeeeek!!

You may see Annie & I on web cam ..... that is more scary


last seen on the South East Coast of England.....
Bras of the UK the Posse are calling for your help.
Cup and strap together and lets find this poor soul before it is too late!!

Contact Olgas Blog mistress here


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Sounds frightfully fun! And if you see Olga, grab her!!!

Thanks 70's and The Posse for your support! I have complete confidence in Olga's ability to take care of herself...afterall she's a pro at handling things under pressure. But we need to FIND her!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Is there another Olga that's been staying on the East Coast? - my goodness there's a swarm of Yankee Bras!!!!!

[The ghost night thingy sounds fun - don't get your collective pants scared off - tee hee]

70steen said...

DP ~dang must change that ....

Annie is waving and saying hi!!!

70steen said...

blog mistress ~ you are very welcome... eyes peeled over here :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I saw what you said at Fracas' you really think DP is nekkid under that jumpsuit?...if so...maybe Olga RAN away!?!

70steen said...

That is such a big possibility ... poor bra she will be scarred for life

The Rev. said...

Oh the humanity!!!

I'm alerting the presses as we speak, er...type-

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol ... hadn't thought of monster mash in years!

Oh dear, I told Olga she needed to hang out with women only! sheesh ;)

MedStudentWife said...

I've called in the BRASAR, Fang, to help...maybe even my own hubs, if he can, to help look for Olga.

Monster Mash....I used to just love it :D

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should alert the ghosts? Atleast they are less scary than DP and would be able to handle her with care. Seeehh!!! what am I writing? DP is going to kill me for this one:p As it is I get an impression he is omnipresent.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Presents!!!! ...... lovely.

[How went the ghost hunting? - I saw some ghoulies myself - mighty tee hee!!!!!!]

Anonymous said...

it was fun, though we felt very staged. i won't give too much away as 70's will want to tell it all, but we both got readings. apparently i am in for a make over with shorter hair and other stuff which is too rude to mention.......

those ghouls you saw, i bet they were beautiful babes.

Anonymous said...

* I am shivering with terror* This Daddy P is every where. The ghost hunting is still going on and one of the ghosts even told me about her whereabouts but by the time I reached there she had already left. Oh! btw it was my ghosts, who stole your biscuits and you thought that you ran out of them. *evil grin*

Annie Mouse said...

do you know the cliff stuff 70's didn't want to look at.......well she spent some of the evening after getting back from ghost hunting. peeling my carefully placed items off in my project folder and looking at the back of my newspaper cuttings. cellotape that has not been disturbed for more that 30 years. she was so excited about what was on the back of my cliff stuff she wants me to come and live here until she has scanned it all.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

She's nothing but trouble that girl ....... just like Olga ..... sheeeesh

70steen said...

Rev ~thanks for your support for the search for Olga..

have a great mini vacation :-)

70steen said...

Drowsey ~ the Monster mash made me smile ... I too had not heard it in years too :-)

Good advice that not letting Olga hang out with the boys they simply don't have the empathy us girls have ...

70steen said...

MSW ~ welcome :-)

wow I think the BRASAR, Fang, may just be the ticket here. I have not heard from The Posse yet but I guess no news is good news!!

70steen said...

Scratchbags ~ welcome to you too. :-)
I tell you ghosts know how to look after their guests ..... particularly the more lacey, fagile types... unlike some people I could mention ;-)

great post on yours btw :-)

70steen said...

[DP I am saying nothing about your goulies.... however you may like to spell them?? *snigger*]

70steen said...

Annie ~ how could you when you are sleeping under my roof... next time you come over I am confiscating your Mac.

But what fab stuff is on Cliff's behind hee hee

70steen said...

hey DP... me, Olga, Frac et al are goddesses of the higher order ... of course we will be trouble to pea brains lol ;-)