Saturday, 7 June 2008

7th June 1979

Thursday 7
Business Studies cancelled
Made lasagne al forno & beef bourguignon
Played tennis 8 -9 pm with Jim, Fi & Ken

Me & Ken won 6-0, 6-1
Sam phoned me at 11.00

He was a
wful, accusing me of all sorts = horrible boy! (obviously didn't like me playing tennis with some other bloke who I have no idea is now!!)

Well what a busy 7th June this is!!

I have Olga staying and she is having a great time. She slept well last night but the Posse were so excited I had to say 'shuuush' on more than one occasion in the wee small hours.
Today I took her to meet my family.... She was welcomed with open arms and my 2 brothers were in awe at her. My Teen and niece were slightly 'OMG' and my 77 year old Mum was totally bemused.
We went to the Edwardian Day that is an an
nual event in Ainsdale. I must say that the parade was a bit poor but the tea and cake on the Vicar's lawn was fabulous. It was here that one of my brothers (who are a lot older than 70s) decided that Olga should have a photo session. The look on his face I think he was in 'imagination of the content mode' !!!!

I was this church's Rose Queen when I was 11/12

Oh wow the church seemed to me today as an adult so small. I last set foot here some 30 years ago.
I met the mother of one of my attendants today. I recognised her instantly and her me after 35 years had passed. Sadly she told me that they had no children at church now!!
A note to self .. when you have international visitors always remember to charge your camera batteries... we went to the seaside and the camera died ..... but this where Olga went

The other thing to day (gosh it is late now & hope I don't miss it)

so I reckon that in 1979 he was still in short trousers.. maybe 6/7 years of age ... OMG how old does that make 70's feel lol

So in honour of 'Sir' K

& a double bonus a cake delivered by DP himself :-0


Anonymous said...

god are you still going on about being crowned rose queen, that old cookie. just cos i got no were, oh yes my name was called out and i thought i had won, but it was only to tell me that i was out of the running, i remember the disappointment like it was yesterday. that excitement in my tummy and the redness of my face when i went running to the stage only to be pulled off as a loser. life sadly has been like that ever since.

fracas said...

I bet you're going to lose a lot of sleep with Olga there. I heard the posse 'support' a lot of wild goings on; don't let them 'cup' out on taking the blame should anything get a little hairy.

I'm not sure if Petra will be able to spend time with Olga when Olga gets here. Let's just hope she's not worn out by then. She's been rather busy the last while... holding up my end of a couple of important matters.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Your bro looks quite young to me ...
whereas Kevin ..... well, I better not say anything.
Were Olga and the posse scampering around last night and getting over excited? It'll end in tears you know ...... don't say I didn't warn you!

Anonymous said...

wow daddyp looks so debonair in that shot.

and you were a perfect rose queen :-)

70steen said...

oops sorry Ammie I keep forgetting the trauma you went though. Anyway it would have stressed you out as we had to mix with 'dressed up' people at the fetes :-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac ... yep the posse are a feisty lot to say the least. They almost drank the house dry last night. They are all very subdued today

70steen said...

I am trying to leep it all under control. I am back at work tomorrow so will have to leave Olga with the guys ....... I hope they behave lol

70steen said...

NM @ yes he looks quite 'Bond' like doesn't he.... what is the expression 'he scrubs up ratger well' lol

& thank you dear friend :-D

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh I love a parade! AND birthday cake! :) I am having a mahvolous time here 70's! xoxo

Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... she also loves OXO cubes as well apparently.

I hope the cupboard is shipshape BTW - I've only just got in and am going straight to bed ....... I drive reeeeeally well after a couple of drinks - tee hee

70steen said...

Olga so pleased all is to your liking.... it is pilates tomorrow night hope you are up to it ;-)

70steen said...

OMG DP you are back ... (70s hiding the empty wine bottles)

Oh DP tsk young man!!!!