Sunday, 29 June 2008

29th June 1979

Friday 29
College at 9.30
Got my report = very average (mmmm! don't seem to have kept that one??)
Walked round town
Came home for dinner

Sam phoned

Phoned him at 7.30 to tell him I was going to Fi's and not the Brick 'do'
he didn't ring back!

As you know I have had Annie Mouse staying this weekend. We have ghost hunted, shopped, drank Pimms and today we went to Southport where we both spent our teen years.
It absolutely poured down en route. But the sun shone whilst we were there.

Ah! The Gallary Grill. It was the place to hang out for hours with one cup of coffee or hot chocolate. If you couldn't get a window seat it was a disaster... nowadays my teen and her mates use Starbucks for the same experience

This is 'The 'Brick'

where the sign says 'Baron's bar' this is where we would hang out

The Art Centre had the best bar back in the 70s/80s.... didn't get a chance today to go in there

The Shell Shop where 'J' and I spent hours in our teens...... mmmm spent hours in their today too... then it was all shells and you would go up the iron staircase to the shop. The new owner is a book addict so mostly books but when we were there today he did sell a coral for £90.
The conversation was priceless.
Buyer 'if she doesn't like it she can give it away'
Owner 'if you break it en route she will still have two lovely pieces'
There was a lot more convo but it was too surreal for words!

The oldest Eubank cleaner I have seen!!
Then onto Wayfarers Arcade. As a teen this was where you would be followed by store detectives or shop assistants as it is soooo posh ... teens were not tolerated!

a statue of Red Rum ... 3 times winner of the Grand National

& on the way home we stopped to look at the sea. It was so clear you could see Blackpool across the sea. The reflections were very clear but the photos do not pick it up quite so well


Daddy Papersurfer said...

It is nice walking down memory lane ....... as is mammary lane of course.

And yes, my Mum had one of those sweepers ......... I wonder what happened to it? - I expect my Father threw it away at some point ....

Good to see there are 'posh' bits ..... I had no idea they existed up Norff - tee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Where is everybody? ...... very odd

70steen said...

I think the dust on it was as old as the sweeper.

Yes it is very quiet .... think I spotted some tumbleweed earlier lol :-)

Shane said...

Ohh that arcade place looks very Fancy

And yes I'm alive ha ha should be updating more here shortly.

70steen said...

Good to see you back Shane :-)

Annie Mouse said...

my mum worked as a silver service waitress in the wayfarers arcade. then went to broadbents and boothroyds as the manager of the small but elite coffee shop there.

70steen said...

It was actually too posh for comfort really ..... I don't think I have ever had so many people look down their noses at me as when I was a teen shopping in there