Tuesday, 10 June 2008

10th June 1979

Sunday 10
Bev's 17th Birthday
Got up at 11.00
Weather hot & humid not sunny
Went for a ramble in the sand hills
Talked a lot
Sam left at 7.50 to get the 8.45 train
I will miss him
Finished meat essay (lol)

I wish I knew where my evenings go to .. home at 18.45, cook tea, eat it, Tesco for essential mayonnaise & other bits (only manage
d to spend £9.. result), phoned Mum, translated German legal letter, phoned Bro! ... oh maybe that is why it is now 22.45!!

Annie Mouse has saved me as she sent me an Osmond track. I absolutely hated it but being a fan I bought it anyway in the 70s

And this is how they look now

Alan, 58,Wayne, 56, Merrill, 55, Jay, 53, Donny, 50, Marie, 48, and Jimmy, 45.

I must say that NONE of the other Osmonds 'did it for me' it was only ever Donny.... he is looking a bit podgy around the gills on that pic.
He looks far better here
swoon x

But as for young Jimmy I will never ever, for as long as I live, ever forgive him for this!!

Did he actually know where my home city was???


Anonymous said...

eerrr.... they haven't aged well. what's with the tanned one on the right?

Anonymous said...

oh 70's me and teen have cried at jimmy and his long hair tonight and as for that dancing at the end of crazy horses, we cried so much we couldn't see.

glad i was of help.

Anonymous said...

just take a look at i'm going to knock on your door, that one is funny too.

The Rev. said...

Time has taken its tolls...

I too end most of nights shocked at how late it's gotten while I've accomplished little to nothing. (sigh)

tNb said...

oh dear. not some of the proudest osmond moments. but i will always love purple sparkly socks, donny ...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

How come in your diaries there are several unfortunate juxtapositions of Sam and then a meat reference? ...... just asking ........

Sugar Queens Dream said...

OK so I have to admit here that Donny and I are the same age and I LOVED him to bits!
Hugs and love, Sugar

Diane said...

That dancing is beyond groovy - and watch those bell bottoms swinging.

(The trousers, DP, the trousers...)

Just shows how hip-hop and happening Liverpool was in those days, ( and still is I hasten to add) - even a Mormon from Salt Lake City wanted to be from there!

Just checked out the Osmonds web site. Scary stuff....

70steen said...

NM ~ That is the culprit for long Haired Lover from Liverpool... young Jimmy Osmond. He has that 'satsuma' look doesn't he??

70steen said...

Annie~ thank you (lol)
I tell you that bandy legged wobble dance just sends the hairs on my arm on end ..... and as for Jimmy OMG

70steen said...

Thankfully 70s hasn't taken the same knocks as the Osmonds but there again I am not famous ;-) lol

Oh Rev I am so glad it is not only me who has got nothing accomplished at the end of the night (phew!)

70steen said...

tNb ~ sparkly purple socks! Always a winner with the girls (did you know it was his favourite colour (oooo I am all underlined there, should have said 'favorite color' lol) & my bedroom was painted purple because of that

[how did today go?]

70steen said...

DP~ like I have any idea 29 years on.... but as for the meat essay??? :-)

70steen said...

Oh hi Sugar ~ you are in the Donny club wtg gal .. how scrummy is he :-)
Hugz ~

70steen said...

Diane there must have been one hellva draught off that stage .. no need for air conditioning at that concert! lol

Liverpool has always had that 'cool' element ... City of Culture 08

Tried to open your link to the site you posted but it didn't work

Have you sen this one

Diane said...

Sorry, the link was www.osmonds.com

Beware the loud music as it loads - and the scary recent photos of the boys....

70steen said...

OMG Diane thanks .... I see that Virl & Tom were the bro's that didn't join in the disco era but are now ?? (I knew about Virl but Tom? I have never heard of!)
& why has Marie got a scary doll in her photo ...??
I will post this link on my page thank you :-)