Tuesday, 17 June 2008

17th June 1979

Sunday 17
Back from Stafford
Got up at 10.30
Went to Post Office (I can't believe that post offices were actually open on a Sunday ... but they must have been?)
Sam's grand parents came to dinner (they lived in Manchester)
Me & Sam went for a long, long walk
We had a good talk
Left at 8.30 boo hoo
Home at 10.30pm

Have had another evening that has fleeted past. Maybe it was the hour and a half on the phone to Sunny (of Random Place of Mind trying to figure out she sorts out her Blog2Print prize). Then the other 45 minutes to my Mum!!

I have been so busy these past few days that I missed what was number one in UK..... I was busy in 1979 too and missed it in my diary too.
Number One on my teen's birthday (25 years before she was born) was this ! (dreadful in my book and teen's too)

On the day she was born Number one was this (she likes it ....fabulous song. I certainly fell in love with that little bundle that was presented to me that day !)

& in 2008 in the UK it is this sound that our 'Britain's Got Talent' danced to. My teen has seen him street dance and is delighted he won. (we have sung 'Singing in the Rain whilst splashing in puddles over the years many times :-) )

So from the 3 tracks '2 out of 3 ain't bad?'


Annie Mouse said...

yes but it one of those dam songs that you know all the words to for some reason.

The Rev. said...

So you too have these ridiculous reality television shows? I don't feel so bad suddenly.

Um, no offense, of course, if you happen to be a big fan of reality tv..

Is it safe to be on the telephone for such a duration??

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I don't think POs were open on Sundays - I believe your general state of confusion set in even earlier than we all feared .......I have had my suspicions though .......

shle3pyb4by said...

hey hey... :)

post office opens on sunday? hmm.. now i am thinking about that... maybe it is the same here in dublin?

anyway, come and pop in for my birthday party! :)

traaa laa laa... humm..

Diane said...

I'm sure that George sampson must have hurt his back doing that last move....

I also liked the guys that came second. Not that I watched it a lot I hasten to add - only the final. Honest.

70steen said...

Annie~ there ain't many lyrics to it is there? But that darned tune has been in my head all day !!

70steen said...

Rev ~ we have been awash with reality TV. I tend not to watch much of it but I have a teen and an elderly mother who become obsessed with every one so it is hard to avoid ... unless I choose to go and live on a desert island (now there's a thought???)lol

70steen said...

DP ~ I have been thinking about this Sunday PO opening (hey it beats thinking about work!!)

I seem to recall it was a papershop (no it didn't blow away!) and grocers too. So that will explain it .. I think??

70steen said...

Hey B4by a big 70s HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... I have popped in and brought you some goodies. Will be back over in a bit
Hope you are having one hellva day :-D x

70steen said...

Diane ~ I know all that flinging yourself about can not be good for your joints (god I sound like my mother lol)

Yes Signature were in my top 3 to win

They were so fresh and fun to watch... a great act

So from your fuel I guess you are having rubbish weather down south too. I have just flicked my central heating on it is so cold and wet up here :( (saying that since I have had my teen we have only been able to have 3 June parties outside out of her 15 birthdays .... )

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You've been thinking! ....... good grief

70steen said...

I have???? Oh yes ... don't worry it won't happen again too soon :-)

Diane said...

It's the longest day this weekend and the nights will soon be drawing in..... I'd quite like some summer soon, please. I'm off to Glastonbury next week....

70steen said...

I know can you believe it ?? Oh how envious am I that you are off to Glastonbury! Hope you have packed your wellies hun?

I take comfort in the fact I know I will get a week of sun in Madrid in August :-)