Sunday, 29 June 2008

28thJune 1979

Thursday 28
Got up at 9.00
Worked 11.00 - 6.30 = horrible it rained until 3.00pm
Sam phoned at 8.15 & 11.30
Had a long, difficult talk with him
Him twisting my words about

i.e. about the supposed Brick 'do' tomorrow

Well the ghost hunt was .... well ... what can I say?? Different!
I didn't see any ghosts but I could definitely feel the differences in temperatures and 'moods' as we strolled around the place.
I had my tarot cards read... as eve
r with these things it was all positive.... 'you work hard', 'you have a 'devil' who is trying to stop you achieving', 'you will succeed and reap the financial rewards' etc etc
I will post some photos when I
have downloaded them.

Annie & I shopped 'til we dropped this afternoon (it was supposed to be a quick couple of hours .. but I know what Annie is like).
I decided we would go shopping on the train so we did
not buy too much... i.e. only buy what we can carry ... alas this didn't work out so well. We were staggering when we got home under the weight of the bargains we found. (Peacocks had a massive 70% off sale and we went to the QVC outlet shop!!)

One of my favourite places we shop at is a hospice charit
y shop. There is a lovely old guy who works there and he charges you next to nothing for the amount you buy... I spent £10 but what he charged me was £4.(I got way more than £10.00 worth of stuff)

I bought a stack of patterns, for which I was charged £2.00!! They are sewing and knitting patterns going back to the 50s maybe 60s but
definitely the 70s and 80s.
We have had such a laugh about them tonight .. how the models looked! ... you didn't have to be a 'looker' to model knitwear I can tell you!!
I just felt that they have to be saved as a record of our fashion tastes & trends which otherwise would be lost (I told the old guy this but he couldn't quite get with it... )

here is a sample of one .... Waterloo ~ Abba maybe the cause of this one??

But enough of the frivolity of shopping ....Olga is still missing. The Posse are heading South and making progress. But I have had to call out this boudalicious gal ....

Some call her Boudica, others Boudicca, I call her Boobicca. But what ever her name is ....she is one awesome gal who will take no prisoners (are you listening DP?) and find our poor last in England boudalicious friend


scratchbags said...

wow! I love ABBA and somehow I like their fashion style as well. Though I was not even born during the time ABBA was most active (1972-82)but they have made some excellent music for the generations to come.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's OK she's turned up ...... and she wasn't shopping or knitting either!!!!! ....... the hussy .......

nursemyra said...

is that when abba won the eurovision song contest?

Drowsey Monkey said...

That is one serious looking vikking lady!

70steen said...

SB ~ Abba are always good to boogie too...... I mad my Mum knit one of those groovy hats, it was sparkly purple... just loved it :-)

70steen said...

DP~ you have led that poor bra astray ... she was fine up here. I am having second thoughts about coming to stay hee hee

70steen said...

Hi NM ~ how is Espania??

Yep that is the song that Abba won Euro with :-)

70steen said...

DM ~ yep Queen Boudica was one woman I would not pick a fight with lol

I wonder if Madonna modeled herself on that bra??

Annie Mouse said...

what do you mean, who was it that spent over an hour in the charity shop.....

thanks 70's another wonderful weekend.

70steen said...

erm?? who was it that spotted them when I was just about out of the door??

Annie you are so very welcome .. I had a fabby time too :-)