Friday, 13 June 2008

13th June 1979

Wednesday 13
Didn't go to college today (how on earth did I pass anything?... Oh yes I didn't lol)
Did some more of Sam's jacket
Did a meal plan for Food & Nutrition
Fi phoned
Phoned Sam

Put the phone down on him
Cos I couldn't be bothered talking to a brick wall (wow feisty 70s teen.. wtg !!)

It my teens 15th Birthday this weekend... and over the years it has developed to be not just a birth day but a birthday weekend. Tonight she went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet in city centre Manchester with her friends... all dressed in some bizarre recreation of the 80's?? (she and some of her mates measure well over 6 foot in their heels ... they looked great despite the fact they walked like 'transvestites' who are not used to walking in high heels!!)
Tomorrow it is shop til we drop in Liverpo
ol... followed by a sleep over with 2 of her mates (for 'sleep over' read no sleep - over).. ...

Now the Rev sent me a message about when I was next posting an antiquated quiz. Not one to refuse a man of the cloth... here we go!

From 1975 when 70s was barely a teen.... Oh can I add.. just ignore the ticks, this annual is a purchase from eeee by gum and I don't have a rubber (whoops sorry across the pond.. an eraser!!)

I thought is was about 'can you tell the difference between butter and margarine??'

Well 70s achieved a 5 to 10 ratio ... maybe the results tomorrow may reveal more ;-)

From 1978 a fab track... don't stop me now!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Why are there two girls kissing in the bottom picture? [NOT a picture of bottoms! - tsk - the picture at the bottom].

Don't let your teen lead you astray ...... and Happy Birthday 'teen'!

Diane said...

I LOVE this track!

Hope your teen has a great birthday :)

Diane said...

BTW Brian May's hair looks exactly the same NOW - still dreadful! Is he still with his look-a-like, Anita Dobson? Now there is a pairing I could never get my head round....(must have been all that hair :-D)

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there!! wish TEEN happy birthday from me!! :)

when is exactly the date? its on the 15th, yes??

hope she has a wonderful one, and may all her wishes and dreams come true!! :)

P/S: uhuhhh, the quiz is difficult. some of the Qs are getting two answers from me. *giggles* i got 12bs, 3as. i wonder what does that mean... :)

happy saturday! :)

The Rev. said...

Hmmm...10 A's to 5 B's. Interesting...

I threw my padded bra away years ago, thankfully. M'lady said she liked slimmer Rev's.

And here's to a very Happy Birthday for your 15 year old! (Simultaneously raising mug of coffee your way and tipping my hat).

70steen said...

DP really ! have you forgotten that boys had girlie hair do's in the 70s. I do recall my mum saying ' you just can't tell if they are girls or boys these days' back then :-)

70steen said...

Diane~ yep what a great track... you just have to sing along.
Thank you for the birthday wishes for the monster teen :)

I could never get my head around the two mad hair do's they both had/have. I wonder how they both looked like in the morning with all that hair ... pretty scary I think ?

70steen said...

Thank you B4by. Her day is Monday, as it is a boring day (and she has Textile exams all day that day) that is why we are partying all weekend

Yours is Wednesday is it not???

70steen said...

Padded bra Rev? I am sure that M'lady would prefer you with out ;-)

Thank you for the Teen Birthday greetings :)

70steen said...

DP~ oh too late I was lead astray [hate to think how much we spent today but it was in the 100s!!! Got 2 great t-shirts though for me one with a chopper bike on it and another with Bowie on it.... wow there are some funky shops in Liverpool]

Annie Mouse said...

i want a chopper tee shirt, where's mine????

shle3pyb4by said...

aah, monday. i thought so... it was 16th? yup. and mine is 18th. wednesday it is! boring day to have a birthday! :(

Anonymous said...

my daughter had hers last monday, we enjoyed the monday birthday. didn't have to book meal.

70steen said...

Annie ~ got it from West World up Bold Street £5... and it is a Bench too

Mine is white

70steen said...

At least this week B4by it won't be a run of the mill 'hump day' :-)

70steen said...

Good point Annie .... but I have spent so much this weekend on her there will be no festivities on Monday ... she is going round to her friends