Thursday, 19 June 2008

19th June 1979

Tuesday 19
Sociology pm = ok (another exam I guess)
Sun bathed all morning (ahem what about studying??)
Played tennis tonight
Went to the Houghton (pub) with my brother and Stan.
Sam = playing footy in Stone (so he says!) (ooo so young yet so cynical lol)
He phoned me at 11.20

Well in the 70s this guy became almost a reli
gion in our house on a Saturday. We would watch it every week... I loved it!
What was
the preamble to the show?

"Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have the technology. We have the capability to make the worlds first Bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better. Stronger. Faster."

Yes it was 'The Six Million Dollar Man' (mmmm? I w
onder how much that is in today's money?........ $29,431,613.82 in 2007)

oo0 that boingy (you know what I mean .. but how do you spell it??) sound when he did anything 'bionic' lol

I tell you had I known these dolls were around then I would have so wanted one... a wide angled lens that gave you bionic vision .. oh wow!!! I reckon that it was probably as disappointing as Sindy's hair that grew back when you turned a dial in her back... then it didn't grow back when you cut it short... well nobody told me that!!!!

Then there was Lyndsey Wagner as the Bionic Woman..... oh I so wanted to be her!
(she had that strange noise too!! Oh I wanted to be Alexandra Bastedos as Sharron Mcready too out of the Champions.. another religion! )

Is that Austin Powers in the second bit??

This did make me laugh off You Tube... ooo some 'Walrus of Love' too :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I do remember the Bionic Woman rather fondly although compared with the TG she had very few powers. For instance, the TG has eyes in the back of her head ...... apparently ...... and the ability to find things I've lost usually by saying "If you lift things up you might find so-and-so" and she's always right ..... amazing!

70steen said...

mmmm? I guess living with you is rather like living with a teenager... I say sooo many times "If you lift things up you might find so-and-so"

She was bought a 'little brown bag' from Bloomingdales NY.. it went missing... it was was found after I lifted a jacket off the back of her computer chair.... I had been told that she had turned her bedroom upside down!!!

TG if you are reading this ... I sooo understand ;-)

Annie Mouse said...

remember the bag teen was looking for which you both looked for and aunty annie mouse lifted up a few jackets at the end of bannister and found it. so it seems not just teens don't see things that are right under their noses........ Are you sure i'm welcome weekend after next????

Annie Mouse said...

yes we watched them both in them good old days. i wouldn't watch them again now, its not like the liver birds that i watched whilst i was off work recovering.

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol @ all the chest hair & the zipper on his jacket being so low! I miss the 70s.

The Rev. said...

We can make him stronger.....better...faster....

The Rev. said...

For a brief time, I thought that was the way the world really worked. You get hurt/damaged, and they just..."rebuild" you.

Incidentally, I was listening to public radio a few days ago, and the headlines were about a study that revealed that a shocking percentage of children (up to and including high school age) simply don't understand that violence in school (knife attacks, shootings, etc...)will actually harm the other person. Interesting...

70steen said...

Annie~ I don't know a serving of Steve Austin could be quite amusing :-)

70steen said...

DM ~ it was sooooo cheesey wasn't it but great fun :-)

70steen said...

Rev ~ that is interesting what you say. I think the computer games have given that illusion to kids. My teen was never allowed any fighting games until I thought she was old enough to know the difference.... still don't like them though

Anonymous said...

six million dollar man was pretty cool back then. now?

not so much :-)

70steen said...

entertaining though don't you think NM hee hee

Hope you are having a lovely time over there? :-D