Thursday, 5 June 2008

5th June 1979

Tuesday 5
Dentist 10.45 = 2 fillings
Sam rang at 11.30 am & 8.30 pm

Saw the cafe owner
I am working on Saturday (ooo no more shoe shop what was I thinking of??)
Fi is mooni
ng over Chris again!
Had a lovely long chat with Sam on the phone

His parents were out

I hope you have all not been too excited today awaiting the results of the quiz.
They are very long so I will not be typing them out .... I have scan
ned them in instead but will do a quick précis of each

Mostly A's
Quiet on the surface but you know what that usually means lol !! A lust for excitement could lead you into something you can't handle
(think Goldilocks)

You hate authority. Like autonomy & not being controlled in the work place. If controlled the rebellious you comes out.
3 things that will stop your love affair of life: working in a faceless organisation; guard yourself from rebelling against all authority; and it would be easy for you to get into bad company
Key words: adventurous nature; courageous; live for today; keep some emergency money and always tell a really responsible person where you are going
(don't bother looking around here for on
e of those lol)

Mostly B's
(that is me with 7 of them!! very accurate!!)

Not one to lose their cool Hates weakness but respect those who try and cope with difficult situations
(Think Old Woman who lived in the Shoe....I must say, however, had she never heard of contraception and where was her man?? & yes Humpty Dumpty does annoy me lol)
Embarrassing situ's happen to others, and looking confident reaps rewards
Gets given res
(yes I was deputy head girl and I look after the aged i
n a cupboard... that is one hell of a responsibility particularly when he wanders into other folks cupboards (UK)/ cabinets (USA) with a piece of lead pipe)
Sets goals and works hard to achieve them but is a softy and hates name callin
g when only trying to help
Must resist trying to out smart people
Key words: loyal to friends; one of life's winners; share triumphs and troubles and give folk a chance to advise you for a change

Mostly C's
You get your own way by doing the damsel in distress routine which you do soooo well. You live in harmony and keep the peace between friends.
You love luxury, money burns a hole in your pocket.
Working in shop selling luxury items would suit you down to the ground.
You'd be a good demonstrator or model. Failing that you could be
a receptionist, or working with old people, children or animals
(great practice with DP *snigger*).

You find it easy to obey rules & have no sympathy for rebels
Key words: easy going; gentle; admire an industrious, hardworking partner;you believe in compromise
think Jack Spratt & his wife);
easily lead by mail order catalogues lol.

Mostly D's
You don't expect to live happily ever after but you don't moan about it.
You have 3 essential elements: Trust, Hope and a cheery smile
(awww how lovely)
You bring the best out in fol
(Think the princess and the ugly frog)
You maybe taken for granted but friends value your loyalty
You tend to accept every hard luck story not that you always believe them but you feel sorry for them because they f
ind it necessary to lie
(mmm? The Rev & his random caller???)

You may be prone to unrequited love Jobs: Speech therapist, working in a children's home, a teacher of handicapped children Key message: instead of trying to behave like an angel all the time see what a bit a devilment can do for you, now and again ;-)


tNb said...

so mostly D's for me ... apparently I need to see what a bit of devilment can do for me ... :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Tango!!!! ........ tsk!

Anyway, having carefully read and inwardly digested your post, it occurred to me that you might want to wear your school uniform next time you come to visit - the Britney Spears of Blogdom - just to start bringing you up-to-date.

I gather your, ahem, 'visitor' has arrived - good luck!

Anonymous said...

tNb, i don't think you'll have any trouble getting up to a bit of devilment with penfold around :-)

The Rev. said...

I was split - half C's, half D's. Wonder what that means..

Diane said...

Mostly D's

Unrequited love? Tell me about it - story of my for 'a bit of devilment' - chance would be a fine thing... :)

Shinade said...

Don't faint I actually have a signal today.

Oh darn..dab nabbit..dang...I missed something fun.

I just had to pop in and at least say hi while I do have a signal.


70steen said...

mmmm tNb ~ I think you already know what that means ;-)

70steen said...

DP~ are you talking to me? ... wanting me to dress as a school girl?... OMG call the medics.....

70steen said...

NM~ yep you took the words out of my mouth ;-)

70steen said...

Rev~ you are fortunate you can pick the best out of the 2 and discard the negatives as you so wish ... gosh I hope that it gives you restless nights and more vivid dreams ??

70steen said...

Diane ~ unrequited love is so poo isn't it? Maybe a bit of devilment is called for .... mmmm now let me see where you can get some? lol

70steen said...

Yoh Shinade glad to see you could get a signal and pop in. Hope all is well :-)

The Rev. said...

Best of both worlds! How lucky am I-

Heading out for a weekend of fishing, sunning, and perhaps an alcoholic libation or two...


70steen said...

I think 'lucky' is your middle name :-)

have oodles of fun and go easy on those Neccos lol