Monday, 2 June 2008

2nd June 1979

Saturday 2
Worked 9 - 2.30 £4.40
Knocked off early as overtime didn't come thru'

Sam came for the day
He left at 8.00pm
Did more of his pressy (I wonder what it is??)

Watched Rod Stewart in concert
= good

From last nights crossword here are the answers... if you haven't done it yet just close your eyes lol :-)

1. Scaggs
5 & 2. Pepper Anderson
8. Eagles
12. Soloists
13. Alice
14. Omen (my teen bought this last week on DVD it is now a 15 certificate!!)
15. Crocker
19. Winkler
20. see 30 across
22. see 10 down
24. Charlies
26. Three
27. Essex
29. Gaye
30, 20 across & 6 Down. Emerson Lake & Palmer

3. Noel
4. Stevie (great album)
5. Pistols
6. see 30 across
7. Eric
9. see 16 down
10 down & 22 across. Starsky/ Hutch
11. Tex
16 & 9. Michael Glaser
17. Hamilton
18. Leo Sayer
21. t Rex
23. Terry (can't believe Terry Christian was about DJing in 1978!!)
25. Pete
28. She
I wouldn't have known 15 across or 18 down with out looking them up

as I watched him on the TV 29 years ago ... here is how he looked then

& from his 'Blondes have More Fun' Tour in 79 (maybe this is what I watched) in LA


70steen said...

Just to say sorry I have been trying to get into FMB to vote but it is broken .... DP what have you done now?????

The Rev. said...

I knew he had something to do with FMB being down...

And, on a sidenote, I'll have you know I was damn close on finishing that crossword! Seriously...I wouldn't lie!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Yer an' I go' 'em all rite didn't I - easy bleedin' peasy - bring it on!

What are we talking about? - I've completely forgotten ...... ooooo, look! a butterfly!

It's OK, I've mended it now - just needed some vaseline .......

70steen said...

well done Rev .... of course you wouldn't lie :-D
Must see if I can find another one

70steen said...

Ok for everyone I will translate DP's Souvern bit of blather

'Yes I managed to get them all correct, it was jolly easy really being an old git. I would be really grateful my young lass if you could publish some more so my brain cells can have some exercise'

DP~ vaseline the cure all lol

Anonymous said...

vaseline? eewww... I prefer ky

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Oooo - my very own Babble Fish [NOT A TYPO OR MISPELLING] - tee hee

70steen said...

NM~ I expected nothing else from you ;-) lol

70steen said...

hee hee DP
I am afraid Babble fish got the translation wrong now I look at it again ..... should have said brain cell... singular.... lol

[oh you should be laughing your sox off.... the course I am on is all about grammar & writing... another day of utter confusion tomorrow lol]

Anonymous said...


70steen said...

what..? what?