Wednesday, 14 May 2008

15th May 1979

Tuesday 15
17 months
Letter off Sam

Finished sociology essay

Sam phoned

He put the phone down on me cos I can't go to his until a week Sunday

He phoned back though
He is coming here this weekend

Had an e mail off Sam.
He has read the blog (eeeeek!)
and he loves it (Phew!)
He said
'fast forward 30 years,
do not seem to have changed that much - grumpy, happy , tired always perks up at about 11.30 particularly when out !' lol
We are meeting up for lunch next w

Long before 'X-Factor', Stars in their Eyes', Britain's Got Talent' 'Pop Idol' We had Opportunity Knocks through the 60s & 70s.

The presenter was Hughie Green with his annoying catch phrase 'and I mean that most sincerely folks'. mmmm not sure how sincere he really was??
The audience would applaud and the 'clapometer' (
which was noise level linked) would nudge a pointer up a scoring table. But 'it is your vote at home that counts'... those days when you had to send in a postcard with your vote on it... oh and your address (not very security conscious).
I managed to find a list of 40 winners of Opportunity Knocks... I must say there are some on there that the programme has a lot to answer for
1 Les Dawson
2 The Bachelors
3 Freddie Starr
4 Peters and Lee
5 Frank Carson
6 Lena Zavaroni
7 Bobby Crush
8 Freddie 'Parrotface' Davies
9 Bonnie Langford (at the age of six)
10 The Real Thing
11 Pam Ayres
12 Paul Daniels
13 Peters & Lee
14 Les Dennis
15 Tom O'Connor
16 Mary Hopkin
17 Little & Large
18 Paper Lace
19 Cannon & Ball
20 Ken Goodwin
21 Middle of the Road
22 Stan Boardman
23 David Whitfield
24 Bernie Clifton
25 Muscleman Tony Holland
26 New World
27 Paul Melba
28 Bernie Flint
29 Millican & Nesbitt
30 Iris Williams
31 Stuart Gillies
32 Candlewick Green
33 Neil Reid
34 Concert pianist Clara Evelyn
35 Black Abbots (who included Russ Abbot)
36 Grace Kennedy
37 Tony Monopoly
38 Harry Scott
39 Gerry Monroe
40 Mike Newman


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Oooooo ...... Sam phoned you!!! Is he married? Does he have children? Shall I buy a hat? Does he know about me?

How'd he work out you is you? Come on - spill the beans.

70steen said...

ooo DP you have come over all un necessary in the excitement.....

In answer to your Q's
read post again ..... yes... yes.... no... he does now !!! lol

70steen said...

oops the last Q ... coz I gave him the link doh!! hee hee

nursemyra said...

"candlewick green"? sounds like a horrible bedspread

Diane said...

Hughie Green was SO smarmy!

That list is the stuff of nightmares.

How cool hearing from Sam! Seems like it's the season for reunions!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Bored now........ perhaps I could be a comment box terrorist


[is that in bad taste? - I can't make up my mind]

70steen said...

yep candle wick green does conjour up a snotty vision as did their musac NM lol

70steen said...

Diane ~ yes I so agree Huhie was smarm to the hilt! He made me cringe,

that list is such a reminder of what we grew up with .. Bonnie, Lena et al... not to mention Junior Showtime!! I reckon my teen in 30 years time will shudder at Hannah Montana (daughter of Billy Cirus)

How is your Darcy going?

Diane said...

Darcy is shall I put this?......complicated.

Aren't they all :-)

70steen said...

Aren't they just!!!!

Have a great trip :-)