Sunday, 4 May 2008


apologies.... I have a friend staying this weekend and to blog in their company would appear rude. Also apologies for missing out on fuelling too for the same reasons as before!
Normal 70s pages will be resumed later today :-)
In absence of a 70s fix for 1979 .... click here , here , here & here



Daddy Papersurfer said...

Should read:-

I am drunk
I'm recovering from drinking
I'm getting ready to go out for a drink
I'm in a drunken coma
Has anyone seen the computer? I'm sure I left it round here somewhere.

Tee hee - have a lovely weekend!

Shinade said...

Ewwww...sounds just lovely to me. I can't wait until the week-end of the 19th when bill shall be here for a visit.

I hope you are having a smashing good time!!:-)

sylvie d said...

You enjoy your friend and your week-end :) x

70steen said...

DP ~ LOL all of what you said is true ... I think
Have had a great time :-)

Jackie ~ oh I bet you are so excited at Bill coming for visit. I reckon you will have a great time :-)

Sylvie ~ we have had a great time I have just got back from taking her back home (had to try and hide in her suitcase all the bits, well actually lots, of shopping she bought, so her hubby doesn't spot it straight off!!!! LOL