Wednesday, 30 April 2008

30th April 2007 ~ Blog Day Afternoon

Monday 30
Got up at 9.00 Sam left at 10.30
I'll m
iss him we have had such a great weekend
Went for a 3- course meal
at Tech = 70p
It was reall
y nice
Bought a big T-shirt £5.35 (I bought a lovely T-shirt on Saturday it only cost £5!!)
& Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel

Phoned Sam,
he got home ok xx<3>

Tra la la la it is my first blog birthday.

I am in a state of shock that I have been around with my diaries for a whole 12 months!!
It is strange, as I galloped thr
ough the 70s early doors thinking I wouldn't keep it up but wanted to get through my diaries at the same time.

These are my 1st posts ... here & here .... oh & here

Obviously I have enjoyed it and decided to slow up a little. Once I get to the end of 1979 I will travel back again to 1977. I lost that
diary so posted the year through memory and internet research... but now I can revisit, but after having a skip through it ..... it is sooooo cringing to read!!

So how did I get to be on here? Well you can blame & for that. ( oh through out this post just click on the pictures for the culprits :-) )
I mentioned the diaries and before I knew it her
e I was/am.
In April 2007 I made a huge career change. Stopped working silly o'clock hours and went 9 -5. Most certainly I couldn't have blogged in my former role as I would simply not have had the time.

In July 2007 I joined FuelMy Blog. Bill
had told me about it but had no idea what it was about. Then one weekend I had a mate staying. I was telling her about the world of blog and was showing her the sites etc...... I nipped up to the loo and she sneakily posted a comment on Daddy Papersurfers site anonymously (on my behalf... yes alcohol was included in this equation) ..... the rest as they say 'is history'!
DP opened his cupboard and coerced me to join in and I have been in that darned cupboard ever since with DP,
Sylvie & B4by, a llama and some guest visitors !! (you should pop along it is decorated lovely .. it has that feminine touch!)

During my time blogging I have won a few competitions.... a T-shirt 'I am a big Deal', I got something from Kevin's cupboard ... read here for a while (ok a day) I tried it!!, a fabulous handbag from Laga in a competition arranged by LindaC through FuelMyBlog and so much more
that I am having trouble explaining to my Teen why I get all these parcels through the post from around the World (it would never do for her to discover I was far wilder than she is at the same age!!)
One of the best things that I have won is for my blog to be published in a book ... that really is an amazing prize through Blog2Print... something I must work on (must select what pages I want to be printed and sort
out my typos lol)

Have I mentioned yet the Fanzine
that I started following Daddy Papersurfer's launch... following a mad idea by Ms D.Ranged? Well yes 70s has an exclusive view of DP's past and present... if you click on his blog you will see all the Fanzine's listed on the right hand column.... what an eye opener that has been & me a former Sunday School teacher!!

Now the friends I have met! ooops before that I must mention something else LT and FAI her Granddad ... that is me and FAI is my Granddad what a star he was & I am hooked on family history :-) & Random Place of Mind my bezzie mate Sunny
Back to my blog family & friends ....there are many & if I don't mention you it is no slur on you .. it is probably I am pushed for time to link everyone. So apart from those mentioned already here goes (& no particular order at all ) ....

Nursey Myra gorgeous gal with no internet just now but what advice she will give you !!
Dear Frac (also Secretary to the fanzine.... such a hard task!!)
Crofty (we were drinking in the same pub at the same time in Manchester & probably rubbed shoulders at the bar but never recognised each other!!)

Auntie Dar.. what can I say except another gorgeous gal on blogsphere and at home
Sugar Queen from the US of A .... pouring sugar and all things so lovely on us all

Penfold the son of DP (although denial on his part .. Penfold that is .. have to say he is solely responsible for the virus that is DaddyPapersuferitis though ... tsk!)
The lovely TnB (now hooked with said above ... awwww a lovely tale of blogluuuurve across the interweave :-) )

Mystic Veg .. what he can't do with veg isn't worth knowing
The Reverend from Elvis's home land
Cowgirl Betty .. a rootin' and a tooting from ... erm New York!!
Diane a great Norvern lass who decided to wimp out down Souff (you know I don't mean that!) & does the most amazing books... love 'em
BenSparks a wonderful dedicated photographer .. who is running a great competition
John C... what can I say about this amazing bloke who although speaks the same language as me ... I have no idea what he is on about????.. he is from Florida though!! LOL

Again if you have not been mentioned I do apologise... but you are either on my blog friends list (featured on 70s land) or I have posted on your blog ....

Now I have to just finish .. that another icon of blogsphere started her blog on the very same day that 70s did ... so Happy Blogday to you :-)
. Olga the Travelling Bra
May 'the Posse be with you'

The most hilarious irony of Olga & I starting our blogs was, on the 30th April 2007 it was a ....'One day blog silence'. Obviously we both accept the true meaning of the day for those for whom it was meant.. but Olga & I silent??? surely not a chance :-D

Oh and this is not spell checked ... Grammar Police .. easy cop guv!!

Thank you everyone for a fabulous year

70s x


The BenSpark said...

Hey, thanks for including me on the list and congrats on the 1st blog birthday.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Whatever ......... blah, blah, blah......

You used to be a SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER!!!!!!!!! ..... a feather just floated by and knocked me down. The spiritual guidance of young and impressionable minds was in your tender care!!!!! No wonder we are in such a state. I am going to have a lie down now [well, as I've been knocked down already all I've got to do is crawl somewhere comfortable].

On a serious note - is there going to be a party later and what would you like me to bring? I was thinking of some bread sticks and a bottle of Sanatogen.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LAUGHS OVER THE PAST 12 MONTHS - see you in the cupboard for a blog snog - tee hee

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

HAPPPPEEEEE Bloggy Birthday to yooooooou, Dear 70's!!!
Really?...I did not know we started our blogs on a "day of blogging silence!" Well, obviously that must have gone over like a lead balloon! HAHAHA! Here's to US...and the next 365 days of making lots & lots of NOISE! Weeeeeeee!!! :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Crisps anyone? Sangria? or is it a bit early?

70steen said...

Ben thank you :-)

70steen said...

DP my little swamp duck :-)
Party did some one mention a party?????
Oh b***er I have to go to work darn it!! Should I skive off like I did at Tech?? Best not have a few zzzzz boring meetings I just must attend.

DP be a love and put some stuff on sticks for later.
& don't open the Sangria ....... oops too late. HOW many glasses???

I think I will pop out and lunch time and buy a new top for the party here ..... anyone need anything whilst I am out in Manchester???

'blogsnog' that sounds interesting ?????

70steen said...

Olga ~ Cheers here's to many more 365 days of noise and laughter xxxxx
Happy Blogday to you too :-D
Don't forget your glitter accessories for the party later

sylvie d said...

Happy birthday...and what a year it has been! you certailnly found your feet in the blogging world!
It is always great to come here, there is always a nice surprise tucked away, I will keep my eyes shut for the rest of the day...the idea of a kiss from the old git in the cupboard is rathera scary one lol!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'll keep my teeth in ...... promise.


Linky Love said...

Hapy Bird Day 70's!!!

Just to point out there is some kind of an URL typo in your link to

Yaya SangriYa!

Kevin D said...

OOh I love a party, where is it?

I hope there'll be cake and candles and all that!

Happy one year

Thanks for the Tshirt, my mother now thinks I am even madder but hey..we are!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Dips anyone?
Carrot stick or celery?

Licorice Allsort?

Diane said...

Very happy blogging birthday and I am so thrilled that you have mentioned me in your list.

Have a great day and here's wishing you many more blogiversarys :)

Shall I bring the pineapple on sticks and a bottle of Lambrusco? :D

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've opened a can of sardines!!! Can I tempt you?

Shinade said...

happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. And, Sylvie is right. you certainly have made your mark and found your spot!!

Looking forward to the next year with great enthusiasm!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'll just whip up some canap├ęs ..... I won't be long.

Pete said...

Congratulations & Happy Birthday! I shudder to think of a world without you...

Also, Thanks for the mention! I'm speechless-

If you're ever in/around Memphis, make Sure to drop me a line!

Here's to another fantastic year (raising coffee mug full of green tea in your general direction)!

-The Rev.

Shinade said...

Oh goody, can I come to the party too?

Emmmmmm....champagne please.

70's I know it is hard for you to download my site so please don't bother.

I just wanted you to know that I have updated today's post to include you and Olga's bdays!!

Wish I had known sooner.:-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Champagne? ...... I'll have a look

70steen said...

Oh WOW I ave just got in from work and WOW..... I am bowled over thank you xx

70steen said...

Sylvie did he keep his teeth in through out the day... I kept getting flashbacks of the dribbly snog!!!
Thank you for your lovely comment and thank you to FMB too :-) x

70steen said...

LL - thank you for tidying me up it is really appreciated .... you spell better than I do :-D x

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ah, there you are. What would you like to drink madam?

70steen said...

Kevin ~ thank you the party is here and everywhere today .... oooo cake and candles .. you bet and if you are good I will let you blow them out !
Glad the t-shirts arrived [haven't mentioned this to my mum as she surely will think I have lost it .. she is 77 lol ]
You could adopt the saying 'you don't have to be mad to blog here but it helps!! :-) x

70steen said...

DP # awww you are so the 'hostess with the mostest' .... what are the dips ...... I'll have some allsorts are there any left with the boobly bits on ??

70steen said...

oops bobbly !!!!

70steen said...

Diane hi & thank you .... Lambrusco (do they still make it? it is Lambrini up here these days equally as ........... words can't describe it lol)

I noticed some pickled onions and cheese on sticks did you do those too.... and the vol-u-vants with creme mushrooms??

70steen said...

have you de-boned the sardines DP??

70steen said...

Thank you Jackie (Shinade) .. lovely to see you back I must pop along and see what you have been up to :-) x

70steen said...

DP lovely canapes and great choice in bubbly ... you know you have gone up in my estimation you are a natural in the kitchen .... and that pinny looks lovely on you :-D

70steen said...

awww Pete thank you
There are many that shudder because I am around lol :-)

Oh you bet if anyone manages to get me on a big silver bird Memphis is definitely on my list

Cheers Rev :-) x

70steen said...

Shinade ~Thank you for doing a page for Olga & I ... I will be popping along .... now .....whooosh

70steen said...

DP I would love a really fancy cocktail on the rocks please :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

A cocktail on WHAT!!!!!!!

70steen said...

you have got me so paranoid about my spelling .. I went back to check!!!

......... mmmmm !!! ice - tsk *snigger*

fracas said...

How fabulous that you and Olga share such a special day. I guess great minds think alike!

I'm raising my CUP(s) in a toast to both of you today!

darlene said...

hey Sweetie!!...congrats on yur blogging does pass quickly doesn't it!...gesh!....yur a dear for the mention of me!!...
Cheers to you!!!..drink up!...hee hee!!=)

70steen said...

Dear Frac ... thank you it has been such an awesome day. I feel like the Queen having 2 birthdays

[what's his whisper I hear about DP & goosing???]

70steen said...

dar dear ~ than you and my little mention of you is a pleasure

I know how fast did that 12 months go .... like a flash

Cheers my dear *chink*

Diane said...

I thought Lambrini was a scooter....?

If the cheese on sticks and cocktail onions are stuck in half a grapefruit so they look like a surreal hedgehog - then I brought them :)

I also brought some Eccles cakes and a Party Seven...dead sophisticated I am :-)

70steen said...

I knew it ... the give away was the way the grapefruit was wrapped in tin foil, now that shows class. & I bet you made 'em Eccles cakes yourself too ;-) dead classy!!

Not tackling opening the Party 7 on my own ... saw DP kicking up the garden before singing 'roll out the barrel' (he's from down Souff) too much Sangria at breakfast !!!!

(eee it's getting more and more like the Dairy of a Chav by the minute hee hee )

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've got a six pack going begging ..... anyone interested?

70steen said...

is it yours or did you borrow it from a friend?? hee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ooooooo ........ got to go - picking up some people from Heathrow - tee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's OK I'm back ........ another drink anyone?

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Are you guys still up?!? :) If so, I'll have a double...whatever DaddyP's drinking!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Party animal, that's me ....

Double cocoa coming up!

70steen said...

wow what a party thank you ever so much for coming over ..... next year will be even betterer :-D

DP do me a fav .... some one has trodden some of that prawn ring (mum bought from Iceland) in the rug .... and what is that stuffed in Venus De Milo water feature .... a cheese puff ... I have to go to work .... heres the cleaning stuff

70steen said...

Olga I was tucked up in my bed by midnight (Cinderella theory!!)

I tell you I didn't know the GOG had so much energy ;-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen... :)

i am late, AGAIN!! i am truly truly truly really sorry coz i wasnt here on your bday!! i feel sooo sooo bad. :(

anyway, happy first blog-birth-day to you, and many happy returns!!

thanks for the link and the friendship!! even tho' i only know you in the blogsphere, but still it is something to cherish at!

*twirl for 70steen*

Anonymous said...

oh no i missed the party, happy first birthday blog. and i missed DP's nibbles....what a shame, were thry nice??

see what being back in work does for yer..

70steen said...

Hey B4by .... don't feel bad at all girl you are here now. Wondered where you were it is not like you to miss a good party :-D
You are very very welcome with the link of friendship ... blog or otherwise
70s *T*W*I*R*L*I*N*G* back x

70steen said...

I wondered where you were too Annie :-)
The twiglets were a bit dodgey but everything else was just 'perfecto'

See you tomorrow ... will drop you an email later x

Claire said...

I have hopped over from Olga's to say happy blog birthday :)

I love the llama pic, especially as I have just had an encounter with some :)

fracas said...

(DP was goosing people in his fuels. Well, actually, he referred to gooseberry jam, but I know what he really meant by that... rofl I thinkTG should keep a tighter leash on him)

70steen said...

Hi Claire ~ thank you so much for dropping by .... loved your llama post. I noticed a llama farm has opened up the road from me and my daughter now wants one... I think I will adopt one for her in the Lakes :-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ rofl I think you maybe right *snigger*

Bill Blunt said...

Congratulations on a year of epic blogging! The 70's will never be the same! (I know mine weren't!)

All the best


70steen said...

aw Bill
Thank you ..... you know I wouldn't have been here at all if it wasn't for you and Thomas.....
Hope all is ok with you?
70s x

John said...

Hehehehe. The best is late and served chilled, dripping with moisture pulled from the warmth in the room's vey air it's thrust in to.

I'm getting quite warm now. Hapy belated birthday to one special person.

70steen said...

awww Thank you hun
You know I understand what you just said ........ yeah! it has only taken a year ;-)

70s x