Wednesday, 2 April 2008

2nd April 1979

Monday 2
Skived Business Studies (I so hated Business Studies)
Civil Service strike so Mum and my brother off work.
Just an ordinary day for me
Phoned Sam for about 6 minutes

Watched Kenny Everett

From the 'Top Pop Scene' album I thought I would feature tonight the pin up photographs. How disappointing there were only 3!

Lyn Paul

She taught the world to sing in perfect harmony (she missed me in that one!) as part of the New Seekers. I remember her and the New Seekers in the Eurovision Song Contest with 'I'll beg steal or borrow'

It is a nice song But this is the one that became the fizzy drink song

Tony Orlando and Dawn

What a cheesy moustache!! Most famous this guy is for tying a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree, which today has symbolised across the world when we are missing folk in war. It may have have been mentioned on here before but I had concert tickets to see Tony & Dawn, the night before the concert I dreamt it was cancelled.... lo and behold it was cancelled !! OMG he looks and sounds like a pub singer here !!

The Pearls

I very vaguely recognise the gappy toothed gal but that is it. Any help out there???

ending with some Kenny with his Bee Gees kit!!!


Cowgirl Betty said...

Tony Orlando look a lot like that magician in the states so popular. I can't remember his name--not one of those Zeigfried and Roy folks--oh . . .whatshisname? Dangnabit! Now I won't be able to sleep. Oh well.

Cowgirl Betty said...

Note: please insert "in the 70's" after "that magician in the States so popular". Thank you. [Note to self: don't try your hand again as a production editor in a publishing company.]

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It so nice to have cowgirl betty back ....... you two have sooooo much in common.

nursemyra said...

I've never heard of the pearls either :-(

70steen said...

CGB ~ Wtg.... typos is acceptable behaviour here. It makes me feel so much better ... no idea who you are talking about, however!!!!
Did you manage to sleep ????

70steen said...

Good luck with the house move .... & internet cafe here you come :-)

70steen said...

DP# I see you coughed ever so slightly to your mis spelling ??????

fracas said...

CG Betty - you're thinking of Doug Henning! LOL, he does.

70steen - I always know what you're talking about. It's that specific kind of office-speak that Dp doesn't understand... it's not typos. Sheesh.

Yes myra.. good luck with the move.

DiddyP... be nice now, or I'll have to call that Dr. Marcus Welby again.

70steen said...

Thanks Dear Frac I knew you needed no explanation lol ;-)