Monday, 28 April 2008

29th April 1979

Sunday 29
Got up at 1.30 pm = knackered (no wonder!!)
Went to Manchester at 4.10

Took Ange (who???) to get train to Wolverhampton

Had an ace meal & left at 8.30 pm

Got home at 10.30
Sam goes back tomorrow

(how much energy did I have then... working all day, partying until 4.00 am then trolling around (Yorkshire, Manchester) and not getting home til 10.30 pm the next day... ahh! those were the days lol)

Just thought I would share what reading material I am on at the moment. I have just finished Philip Pullman's trilogy ~ Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife & The Amber Spyglass. Fabulous stuff.
I promised a friend I would next read her recommendation. I have had a couple of her books since Christmas as the journey through Pullmans dark material took a while as I only read on my 15 minute train journey to work & back.

So what was my friends recommendation? She knows I am publishing my diaries on here so she lent me 'Diary of a
Chav' by Grace Dent. What a comparison I hear you shout!!
Well I tell you I laughed out loud on the train this morning, it is soooooo funny.

Shiraz Bailey Wood is a 15 year old Essex girl whose Nan bought her a glitzy pink diary for Christmas. She has a sister named Cava-Sue & her brother is Murphy. She is thankful that her Mum maybe past child bearing age as she has been drinking Peach Lambrella.
They own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and her Mum spends her time either watching Jeremy Kyle or in the 'bookies'

Quote from her mum to her sister
'Help your bleedin' self Jamie Oliver! There's fresh vegetables in the freezer!'

Some of the things that have gone on in the first few months of the year are hilarious. It so reminds me of my time in school - bad nicknames for the teachers, fancying boys, hanging out on street corners in a hope to see them, fights at school, gossip....... & I see my Teen so much in her.... not that we live in Essex or that she is a Chav (although there was a worrying time where she looked like turning that way - velour tracksuits & bling ear-rings... thank goodness it was only a short phase!!Phew!!)

This is what made me laugh out loud

Teacher (Polish supply teacher nick named Jar Jar Binks) ~
'Are there any queries?'
'Yeah Miss, Sean Burton! ' I shouted and pointed at Sean in our English set who dyes his hair blonde and has a pink Bebo page and always goes on about Kylie Minogues Showgirls DVD and wears spot concealer.

If you want an easy read and a giggle the Chav diaries are a must LOL :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

The Pullman books are worth a second read as well. Not straight away of course .........

I might try the Chav Diaries ...... if I get desperate - tee hee.

Have you ever googled 'chav'? - quite interesting

Diane said...

I love the 'His Dark Materials' books. I watched 'The Golden Compass' DVD last night. Not as bad as I had heard...they had to leave loads out of course, but it was beautifully made - great special effects.

Have you seen that web site about Chav towns - people nominate their own towns. Some of the descriptions of places I know are hilarious :)

70steen said...

DP I agree.. I can't believe that PP was off my radar for so long.
you must read at least one of the Chav books in 1/2 hour I read almost half the book. It is amusing as both PPs dark material & the Chav diaries were written for kids.... oh what a spectrum!

70steen said...

Hi D
I had not heard of Philip Pullman. I went to see the film as I had seen it as a trailer on another film and was enthralled by it.
Love the film at the pictures then read the books. When I read the books I could see the characters so large as the film was so magical in the effects particularly the armoured bears

Off to surf Chav-villes ... whoosh :-)