Sunday, 20 April 2008

20th April 1979

Friday 20
Worked 11-5
Not very busy

Bought a pair of white m
ules £2.99

Sam phoned at 8.00 pm

He worked 9 - 9pm

He phoned me again at 10.00 from home
Fi phoned

Last week I posted a few from

Here are the rest

I wonder if they are brothers. Not found a lot about this band except they were Scottish and split up in 1979. This album cover does look familiar though

nice tune

This article appeared in the 1978 Jackie Annual. It would seem he was married then. But I suppose saying you want to kiss your wife is not a thing teenage fans want to hear! Tragically in 1979 his wife was killed in a car crash ( I do seem to remember that!) . He married again in 1984 and has 6 children

They had similar hair do's!!

Again??? Who is this bloke?? Ok can you tell the difference ?

awww but Rudolph is so cute :-)

& last but by no means least

A local Southport lad. Sailor, singer song writer who won Opportunity knocks in 1977. He was voted in for 13 weeks.
He only lived about 1/4 mile from my house & I do remember cycling up there with my mates to his house to see if we could catch a glimpse of him. Never did! Although (& don't tell anyone) I snogged his brother at a disco eek!!
As you know I lost my 1977 diary but found it again. I have just had a quick flick through ... because I would have written about it.... can't see it so it will have to wait for '1977 ~ the revisit'

But you know what I did see Saturday 7th May 1977

' Liverpool with 'J'. Bought a bag, patch to put on it, art equipment, ribbon & a sketch book. Saw my Auntie, her daughter & her two kids. Saw 'Our Kid' '
Annie I actually saw Our Kid would you believe it ???

Anyway back to Berni Flint.... he got to number 3 in the UK charts on 23/4/1977 with this song. Still know all the words lol


Daddy Papersurfer said...

You've got a pair of mules and I've got a llama! How weird is that!!

70steen said...

It's quite scary actually lol

hey it is past your bedtime??

Anonymous said...

no way, after all my talk on them and you couldn't even remember seeing them. was it in concert or on the street wot?????

how unfair.

jeff phillips is from oz.

70steen said...

I know how bad is that??
It must have been in the street I would have remembered a concert.

Sorry !!!

Jeff Phillips ok he was from Oz but what did he do?
Oops forgot you are no longer available for research, weddings, bar mitzvahs lol

jackie said...

he was a singer.

i'm gutted to use a scouse saying.

and if you dare say calm down.....

70steen said...

& he sang????

'calm down gerl'*snigger*

jackie said...

bernie flint is still working.

hey terry baccini and crew are on IMDB, they weren't 3 months ago.

Anonymous said...

he sang. baby its you.

John said...

I'm caught between Rudolph and Farah. Man do I remember that swimsuit and that shot. Blimey!

shle3pyb4by said...

nice mules! :) and its white!! aah, so innocent!! i think i need to find one like that!! swoooshhh! *tata 70steen* ;)

70steen said...

annie ~ see what the power of blog does lol Our Kid has had a revival

70steen said...

JC ~ I see your dilemma! Rudolf is soooo cute where as I hadn't realised how 'flat' Farah was ??

70steen said...

b4by~ aren't those shoes so fabulous :-)

*t*w*i*r*l^ '-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I agreed with your comment on BlogTV last night about the Zimbabwe elections - I've never seen anything like it - I'm revolting.

70steen said...

I bet I didn't spell it right though??? lol

darlene said...

woody was my favorite!!...i was 12...omg!!...we are

70steen said...

Woody was my favourite too... he was so skinny now I look back lol :-)