Wednesday, 9 April 2008

9th April 1979

Monday 9
Got up at 11.00
Went to the post office in the village
Sent an Easter card to Corinna
Went into Stafford with Sam
He had a day off work
Phoned my cousin Joan (I come from a large close knit family, or should I say my Mum came from a large close knit family. She was the youngest of 8. Joan was the first born of my mums eldest brother and only 2 years younger than my mum. Were as I was the last born of the youngest child, hence there was 30 years difference in our ages. Joan was my fav cousin, so full of life and very funny. Sadly she died suddenly last year)
I am going there on Wednesday

Phoned Mar (the age before mobiles
when we phoned when we could and no one stressed that we weren't in instant contact.... bliss!!)

From the Jackie Annual 1978 I came across this which I had completely forgotten about!!

The Beaudine Brothers (not that they had a resemblance to each other in the slightest)
in search of their sister Patricia.
How would they recognise her when they don't look anything alike ??
It was a great series now I look back and Tim M was so dreamy :-)

& for Sylvie ;-)

Here is the full article


Anonymous said...

hey 70's it isn't helping my recovery having to read the second green section standing on my head. you been hitting the wine????

i don't remember this at all was it on the bbc?

sylvie d said...

must have been very hard for you watching it in French, that's why your french is so good I suppose :)
Merci Madame 70 ;)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

She can't even scan without making a typo - tee hee - and tsk [my goodness my new teeth are useful].

70steen said...

Annie & DP what on earth are you both talking about ??
*snigger* *snigger* *snigger*

70steen said...

Sylvie thank you but as my school reports said I was rubbish at French :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...


Anonymous said...

very sneaky i'd say!!

70steen said...

What are you both on about .... tsk !!!

[[[hee hee]]]

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Have you sorted out how to twitter 'virtually' yet? Personally, I would have thought you already twittered enough in the real world....... still what do I know.

70steen said...

Not sure I understand it at all but I will eventually
Anyway DP that is a bit rich coming from Captain Twitter!!!!!