Thursday, 24 April 2008

24th April 1979

Tuesday 24
Boring day at college
Bought buttons for my jacket
Went to Fi's

Sam phoned

He says he may have to work Satu
Miserable bugger

I was really looking forward to Saturday

A while ago I featured this girl... Wendy and the
before and after ..... yes no one could tell the difference!! Someone should have told her to have a hair cut and that may have helped!!

I have been trawling through the Jackie Annuals and see that she is their top model (so different to Britain's Top Model not to mention America's Top Model that my teen is hooked on!!!)

Wendy is featured in twice for knitting patterns
her hair has still not been sorted................

I wonder what she is doing now??

p.s. the knitting patterns are available upon request !!

& for those of you who are worried that you maybe spending too much time on the net?? There is a great invention just off the press....... phew !!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I WANT one of those loos!!!! I NEED one of those loos!!! and yes please, do send me the knitting patterns - thank you.

Anonymous said...

DP, if you are good at knitting could you knit me some little card toppers for my homemade cards, coz now i'm back at work it eats into my evening and if you could do them for me that would be great. you know little jumpers, hot water bottles, dresses, vases. nothing too taxing.

my word woman, that didn't take you long, not soon send it and its on!!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Demands, demands, demands!!!! .....OK

Anonymous said...

you know what size knitting needles to used now don't you and what knit of wool. now don't let me down!!!!

70steen said...

DP & Annie ... requests are in the way

Now do I need to knit a lav?? on what needles ?? I am confused

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You confused!!!! ...... amazing

Gail said...

Do you remember two magazines called "Hi!" and "OK" (not the current celebrity version). They were required teen reading and a bit ahead of their time. They regularly featured a model called Belinda Fewell, who had the bubbly perm so popular around 1976/7. I managed to get a copy of Hi! via ebay recently and it was such fun to rediscover.

70steen said...

Hi Gail
I remember 'Hi' but no 'Ok' (how odd) ... I wasn't allowed them as my Mum thought as you said it was a bit ahead of it's time and too old for me. oooo must nip over to e bay and take a look if there are more to be had..... :-)

fracas said...

That reminds me of a reeeeally bad knitting joke.

But geez.. Wendy. Can you imagine if her hair still looks like that in her old(er) age?


70steen said...

Oh Frac you have to share the reeeeally bad knitting joke!!

Yes that gals hair is mad isn't it .... you thik someone would have done something with it .... it so reminds me of this