Monday, 7 April 2008

7th April 1979

Saturday 7
Got up at 10.30
Went into Stafford at 1.00
Went to the Nags Head for lunch then had a trot round the town
Went to the Woolpack & the Saracen's Head this evening.

As you may know I had Annie Mouse staying this weekend.
She kindly left with me her collection of 1970s albums (ok
Annuals) so my blog can continue adding little snippets of the 70s (thank you Annie)

One of the annuals is the 'Magpie Annual 1976'
Magpie was a kids programme that I was hooked on through the 70s. It was ITV's answer to Blue Peter but with a bit more fun.

It features a piece on
I have always had a fascination for the wacky side of life and inventions certainly hit that mark.
I used to wonder who this 'Pat Pending' was and this was answered with Wacky Races with the fabulous Professor Pat Pending!!

But back to the article.

an umbrella shade

a bike for stairs

could be good for RSI ??

Patented in 1870 the 'Pedespeed' was 2 wooden wheels each with a platform for the foot and straps to attach it to your leg.
In the words of the inventor ' The Pedespeed affords a delightful, healthful and graceful pastime at all seasons of the year'
How on earth would you stop???

Love this one patented in 1865.
'In the accompanying drawing I have indicated how the eagles, by means of jackets fixed round their bodies, could be attached to a circular framework of hollow tubes which could carry aloft a metal basket large enough for a man, thus forming a natural flying machine'
Barking mad !!!! But possible... maybe ??

Can you guess what these are ???


Julia said...

Ha! Those are cool! LOL

1. A weird toothbrush?
2. A man shaped door??
3. A nutcracker? Or brain demolisher?
4. A spaghetti fork! LOL
5. A spy thingy to help you look through keyholes?

What fun!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

1. To brush your ears to stop you having earache.
2. A door to stop 'fatties' entering
3. A nutcracker for a one armed bandit
4. Yes - a spaghetti fork
5. Definitely a spy thingy for the butler

Next please .........

70steen said...

some great guesses there you two.
I will post the results on my next post later :-)

DP~ you actually took part in one of my quizzes .... '70s faints in the corner'

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm not feeling well ....... obviously

70steen said...

obviously!!!!!!! (but how can we tell???)