Friday, 18 April 2008

18th April 1979

Wednesday 18
Worked 9.30 - 5.30 = busy
Sam phoned
Watched T.V. & not very memorable (what?) (that is not a 70s Ed that is what was written?)
Phoned Tony R (why?)
Fi phoned
Went round and stayed at Fi's

You may have noticed (hard not to have *snigger*) but an old school mate has been keeping me company o
n here these past couple of weeks.
She is not a blogger so comes up as Anonymous
(aka Annie Mouse)
and she has a far better memory than me for bands and TV programmes.
Recently she has been doing some research for me whilst she has been recouperating after an operation.

Annie has also been to stay a couple of times and we have had such a laugh dancing to 70s stuff (& drinking copious amounts of wine!!)

Well the poor gal is hitting reality on Monday. It's back to work time
I certainly know how that feels. 2 years ago I was off for 3 months when my back failed me.
The thought of returning to work has that bitter sweet taste to it.
You want to get back to the normal routine (not to mention the money) but you also feel you don't want to leave the carefree,
'please yourself routine' that soon develops.

So Annie this is for you, to ease your journey back and to thank you for all your help :-)

I bet no one recognises these chaps?....
Annie will! because she had a 'thing' about them like I had about Donny.
Oh that's when she wasn't swooning over Cliff Richards

Any guesses?? No?? Take a look at this clip!!

These young lads were a manufactured boy band in 1976 from our home town of Liverpool.
In May 1976 they won New Faces (1970s version of X-Factor!!).
In the show they scored an amazing 118 points out of a possible 120.... but unfortunately their fame was fairly short lived as the school authorities said the lads were spending too much time performing and not studying.

Earlier this year 3 of the chaps were hunted out and made to do the 'dance' again .... this is how they look now now

I wonder what happened to Kevin Rowan???


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Still they got a snog from Amanda ...........

Never heard of this Annie Mouse though. Is she a quiet retiring type?

jackie said...

can i just say...thanks to 70's, DP and b4by for making me feel welcome. its been a long 3 months and i suspect a long 2 weeks for you lot out there, having me popping in.

i didn't want to get into the rut of watching the normal day time telly, homes under the hammer, jeremy kyle, you know the sort of thing.

but what i did find was 70's programmes, such as man about the house and the liver birds and kenny everett. i became obessessed with finding out why richard o'sullivan had not been on telly for years yet he is still only in his 60's young by todays standards. i went to see mickey rooney in concert recently and he is in his 80's.

i've researched people from mae west to more recent stars, mae west was an idol of mine.

i've made a stupid amount of birthday cards and spent a fortune getting the stuff together to make them. at one point my postman said to me "enough is enough now". e-bay. i've also made loads of jewellery.

as 70's said i have been able to get down to hers a couple of times which is not aways possible as i work 7 days a week, 2 jobs you see. dancing was not the best idea we have ever had considering my operation.

i really do not want to go back i have enjoyed myself so much caught up with so many things and had a wonder around your blogs, but don't think all the anonymous's are me.

our kid. well i fell in love with terry baccini and even though i lived in southport, when visiting my nan and greandad i used to make my dad drive past his house just in case i got a glimpse of him. never did though.

by the way 70's it is Cliff Richard not richards.

thanks everyone, and b4by where is my hot chocolate from the other night????

jackie said...

they reckon that kevin rowen, has either moved down to devon or gone to oz.

all the people i have sent their link to had a story to tell how they knew his sisters or next door neighbour. one even said as her name was rowen that he was her brother and not to tell anyone that he wasn't really.

jackie said...

do you know what DP i am really...honestly...ask 70's.

you must bring out the worst in me thats what it is.

70steen said...

Jax you are very welcome.
That must be the longest comment I have had on my blog lol :-D
I do hope you will have time to pop in once you are back at work so you can see that your research has not gone to waste. x

70steen said...

DP ~ typical..... tsk!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

The old interweave can be quite therapeutic ......... I'm a show-off personally - tee hee.

Hope work is OK next week and there's no need to be a stranger. The odd 'hi' would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

sorry 70's i guess you have to be scouse to like this blog issue.

and an our kid fan, but it as part of the 70's as it was in LOOK OUT FOR LOOKIN.

well thank you i loved it.

70steen said...

It's pretty quiet all round blogsphere just now
& as you will see, as you have decided to read my blog from the beginning (wow!), I never used to get many comments at all when I started.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but KEVIN ROWAN known to his mates as DAN moved to BOSCOMBE DORSET some years ago and has now since died. He was a good friend and will be missed greatly.

Sjones said...

My dad was the man that took Kevin's place when he left the band. I'm not sure if he knows this news about Kevin

Sjones said...

My dad was the man that took Kevin's place when he left the band. I'm not sure if he knows this news about Kevin