Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Interlude ... Daddy Papersurfer Day ~ Fanzine VI

Welcome to Fanzine IV

As Fanzine Ed I have decided that this first day of the month be dedicated to ... Yes you guessed it ....the phenomenon that is DP. I have chosen this unofficial holiday as it seems so apt. The year is coming into bloom, the spring flowers are showing their pretty faces above the ground, the sap is rising (well in some!) and the lambs are being born in the fields!!!! Ah doesn't that make you feel 'foolishly' happy!!

I would urge you however, do not disturb DP today.
In honour of his special day, I have it on good authority that he is having a big lie down and has taken his phone off the hook, so the daddypaparazzi can't disturb him. I will be respecting his wishes and
not popping by for my usual cup of torment!!

Daddy Papersurfer as you saw in the last post has been and I hate to say it or to use this word on my pages but he has been 'prostituting' himself around blogsphere and beyond.
I know some may say
'hey is working hard' others I have heard say 'what on earth is going on?' (OK it was wtf is going on!)
Readers I leave it all to your rational judgment. I am only the messenger who passes on the snippets of information as I get them. So don't shoot me.

He has been seen here, there and everywhere!
There are too many places to mention in just these past few weeks, 'old git' certainly has some stamina in his fingers!

Because he is 'putting' himself around so much the inevitable has happened ..... Daddy P fraudsters. Yes can you believe it there are folk out there pretending to be and wanting to look like the phenomenon that is Daddy P... talk about the band wagon!!

Even one of our trusty guardians at the Tower has developed 'the look' (but what a good one I think you will agree!)

The Fanzine urges you to get in touch if you see any of these fraudsters about ... they need to be brought out into the open and be made to see the error of their ways before it is too late & they end up on the road to no return as Daddy P did!! It is for their own good.

So to continue, in a really rare act of kindness and gratitude to his fans DP has offered a prize.
Yes you heard it right 'A PRIZE'.

Not known for his material generosity this is certainly a first that the Fanzine has

He has requested a competition is run to find a logo that best describes him.

Here on the Fanzine we have adopted 'the Phenomenon that is DP' . But he is after something more retro/catchy in keeping with his image that can be put onto the T-shirts, badges, bri-nylon Y-fronts and other merchandise that will be hitting our high street stores in the Autumn.

The prizes are not to be sniffed at either (neither are the Y-fronts btw).

The list is just like the Generation Game conveyor belt

Imagine waking up to this in the morning

It doesn't ring it goes 'tsk tsk tsk' and splutters over you, a bit like a wet sponge.

A set of playing cards ... you know how he likes to play strip chess now you can play the same with poker!
But just beware if you play your cards close to your chest... DP is not far away!!

There is this fine calendar where you mark down your favourite moments on DP's blog.

Imagine this could be a talking point in your home, impress your friends and neighbours. Gee I wish I could win one!!!!

How about a years supply of DP baked beans

(to be eaten in moderation of course... if only DP would take on that advice on board!)

These coasters are a must ... putting your cup hot coffee on that face!

& finally another chance to impress your dinner guests with a 23 piece dinner service (sorry I broke one!) .

What could be more perfect than your guests being able to gaze at that 'smile' to aid digestion after a fabulous home cooked meal.

I will end as always with a letter from a fan... the post has been a bit slow because of the Easter holidays (keep em coming '70steen @ the g mail dot com' fanzine e mail addy). DPs Secretary has been thankful of this as she has had a few 'other' matters to deal with but we are hoping she is back on board to keep DP on the straight and very narrow soon.

This not so much a letter as a plea to our problem page (which has not been born yet... but there is obviously a need)

Dear DP Fanzine
I am so grateful that you have started this Fanzine as I am an avid fan.
I can't wait to wake in the morning to be able to read the fabulous words he writes each day.
I feel a day without DP is a day without sunshine!

This fanzine enables me to keep up with the 'behind the scenes' stuff that I would never have been able to have access to before... Thank you so much!!

Is this obsession unhealthy?
Will visiting his site daily mean I may get pregnant with his virtual baby?
What will my parents say?
Should I stop writing his name?
If I do my hair different ... will he notice?
I have developed a love of Cuban's following his example!
I made a cake with his face on it.
I sit naked with my laptop on my lap when I type but since it chafes I have started wearing PJ's with bunny's on them.
I make myself dizzy at times!
I can't sleep... I post when I should be sleeping.
I bought a spell book.
I have created a DP cocktail in honour of my respect for him!

Oh I am so confused!

Thank you for listening

There was no way to trace this sender. Don't let today fool you, if you recognise yourself ... and you need the help of the Fanzine team (I must say you need help '
a day without DP is a day without sunshine!!') please contact this site ... your identity will remain confidential of course!!


sylvie d said...

I am glad you are giving DP a day off...he will need it when he sees what happened on FMB...:)
Those fraudster are nearly as scary as him don't you think?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

This comment has been deleted by the World Blog Council.

[I really want one of those alarm clocks - and a 23 piece dinner service - and a set of coasters - and ...... a big lie down!!! XXXX]

fracas said...

Thank goodness the writer referred to a laptop. I was worried the "spell" part would have people thinking it was me.. but since I don't have a laptop (well and I never chafe) it's clearly not me who sent that letter in.

I was a little worried myself even. I haven't been myself lately you know and well... when one is riddled with fever as I've been, anything could happen.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

HILARIOUS post! :) I especially love seeing DP dressed up as the King AND Queen of Hearts! So regal! And DIGNIFIED!

nursemyra said...

I'd like some of daddyp's beans please

Linky Love said...

Does the alarmclock come with free re-fills?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If I've got a cold .... ha ha, WBC have gone to bed .......

70steen said...

Sylvie ~ well done the WBC certainly take that sort of behaviour serious... yep very scary!!!

70steen said...

DP ~ you don't need an alarm clock at your age you don't need one!!

Have you got your voice back yet???

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ I wonder who it is? It did cross my mind it was you but I can see it isn't... no one has admitted to it yet!!!! :-)

70steen said...

Wow Qlga you see something extraordinary there, I just saw an GOG dressing up ... badly lol

70steen said...

NM~ why do want DP beans???? Perhaps I shouldn't ask!!!

70steen said...

LL yep refills available on request .... I have found that there is too much DNA sprayed though you may wish to use pond water it would be safer!!

70steen said...

Darn it our peace is shattered lol

cough! lovely to see you back DP :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

*very loud raspberry*

70steen said...

*snigger* x

Julia aka Another Girl said...

Oh I so need that Dinner Service!

fracas said...

I'm really starting to think I know who sent that letter, but I'd hate to embarass anyone in case I'm wrong, so I shan't say a thing.

I do hope the writer will come forward soon.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'd keep my head down personally .....

70steen said...

Julia it is not dishwasher safe you know ... due to the age of the subject lol

70steen said...

Oh dear Frac please tell... you could put the anagram up lol :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ isn't it a bit tricky to keep you head down with a cardboard box on it?????