Sunday, 13 April 2008

13th April 1979

Friday 13 (eeek Friday the 13th...)
Good Friday
Went to Oulton Park = good
Saw Formula 1's
Met Stan and got a lift home
Went to the Grapes Hotel in Formby

Home at 11.30

Here is a quiz even the boys can do. Try it without the aid of the 'safety net' if you can. I only got one !!!!!

Thank you all that did last nights quiz. I forgot to put my scores down .... 3 x a, 2 x b, 1 x c & 1 x d

So it looks like we were all 'a' stars :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've looked at that and, quite honestly, haven't got a clue about any of them.
Should I be pleased or ashamed? - I've no idea.
[going to cut my toenails now until someone comes up with the answers]

Anonymous said...

no idea...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

...... and I had no idea you could be sooooo brief - you live and learn.

Anonymous said...

depends what time i get up in the morning

70steen said...

I could only get the keyboard player.... the clues 'middle name Clarke' & 'nickname Corky' gave it away

answers later ... ooo low take up on the fanzine ??????

shle3pyb4by said...

aaawwww!!! :)
i got 3as, 2bs, 1c and 1d! i am so close with nature. appreciate the nature. aww!! i feel so good now!! :)

tadaaa dumm dummm tadaaa dummm!!! *happily singing*

*wave to daddy* HI DADDY!!!! *screaming* AM I STILL GROUNDED?

*wave to 70steen and annie*

btw... I MISS YOU 70STEEN!!! ;)

70steen said...

WOW B4By where have you been

Thank goodness you are back to blow the crusty cobwebs away

Missed you too B4by take no notice of DP ... he missed you too you know

Anonymous said...

hi B4by