Tuesday, 8 April 2008

8th April 1979

Sunday 8
Donington Park = bloody freezing & muddy. (ah motor sport at its best!!)
Racing = Ok

Took some photos

Stayed in all night

Watched T.V.

".... IF...." = good
Really feel close to Sam just now

So the results of yesterdays Pat Pending quiz is (quoted from the book)

1.A speedy toothbrush which cleans both sides at once.
2.A personalised door, made to measure and economic in wall space
(no room for weight gain then!!)
3. A door knocker nutcracker, useful in case friends arrive wh
ile you are out: leave a bag of nuts by the front door and friends will keep the wolf from the door until you return (personally I think it is something from Nurse Myras history pages)
4. A spaghetti fork
(how on earth did you know?) for elegant mastery of those obstinate strands. Just keep your folk still on the plate and wind t
he handle
5. A telescope for peeing toms
(a device for bef
ore internet stalking lol )

Tonight from the Jackie Annual 1977

They took two ordinary gals

and transformed them.
You reckon? Tracy got some lilac eyeshadow (and you know my thoughts on lilac) and a few curls.
Wendy! Well Wendy had a few strands took off her boffy hair do.
Am I being too harsh ? Judge for yourself...


Anonymous said...

i love my lilic eye shadow.

make overs these days are a lot more drastic.

70steen said...

Annie you are one of the few that suit lilac... and today yes I agree make overs today are the full works not just a quickie hair cut and lipgloss but boob jobs, tummy tucks. lypo and a complete set of teeth oh not to mention the botox!!

Anonymous said...

i don't think i would want to put myself through that. give me lilic eye shadow any time, hurts less.

my wedding day need i say more, the lilic eye shadow and blue liner under my lashes......shudder

70steen said...

you looked beautiful on your wedding day it matched the dress I found for you ....

Anonymous said...

have you still got the photos you took of the motor racing?

70steen said...

No not of that event but I have some from the British Grand Prix that were taken in the 80s

jackie said...

and you didn't show me them....tut

Anonymous said...

i mesed up there didn't i pressed the wrong thing

fracas said...

Holy cow on the Wendy hair. The "after" is even still pretty wild.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

They look like the offspring of a Stepford wife and a midwich cuckoo - really quite scary.

70steen said...

Now you have revealed yourself to Blog world you have to stay !! Annie aka Jackie ... this is my friend who went to the same school as me at the same time but we didn't hook up together until 6 years ago ... and we are bestest mates now

70steen said...

Dear Frac & DP how very scary are those girls !!

Anonymous said...

no i like the name annie mouse its so me......heathcliff its me i'm cathy i've come home and i'm so cold.....tee hee....shy thats me.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

[Annie......Jackie .... thingy, whatever, if you need to hide again, I'll help]