Thursday, 3 April 2008

3rd April 1979

Tuesday 3
Big bastard brother has put a lock on the phone (not for the first time)
Phoned Pontins and I am supposed to be phoning them back tomorrow but can't now
Sam phoned at 10.45 pm
Fi doesn't have pink hair anymore

holiday camp was only a mile from my house and it gave a great number of Southport Teens gainful employment through the Summer season. Annie Mouse was one of them. She says that you would turn up in the morning and they would point and say 'you, you, you and you the rest of you come back tomorrow'. Sounds a bit like the labour exchanges of the 1930s lol
You could go and play all day as a visitor, I think it was 50p or £1 to get in.
The perimeter fence had barbed wire facing inwards which always reminded me of a prisoner of war camp. It is a typical 1970s built affair, square and dull. This is an aerial photo of it can't find a close up one (maybe I will take a few snaps next time I am down on the beach!)

What I did come across was these superb scans of the Pontins 1972 brouchure. They feature on

Check out the groovy styles and the price of the caravans etc

On the mystery of 'The Pearls' from yesterday. Annie Mouse found their CD for sale on Amazon ... so it spurred me to see of I could find out anymore. Found this so far.
Still not heard what they sound like yet !!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've never heard of the Pearls either ....... strange.
The prices look very low but I do remember that the TG ran the household on about £5 a week at that time including the rod of iron.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's very quiet today ...... de dum de dum ....... Had a good day? Doing anything at the weekend? What are you having for dinner? ...... de dum de dum ....... oh well ...... bye

70steen said...

Hi DP ~ Annie Mouse is here she says hello!! :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Hello Annie ....... I suppose you're all the worse for wear now on Babycham and Snowballs [ that is what goddesses drink 'up Norff' isn't it?]

70steen said...

She is such a bad influence on me hee hee

CherryB is big up here :-)

Back properly Sunday

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Loved this post!
Love, Judy

70steen said...

Thank you SQ *hugz* :-)