Tuesday, 1 April 2008

1st April 1979

Sunday 1
Got up at 9.00
Met Sam's granny at Waterloo at 10.00

Went to Stafford to see Sam

Me & Sam went for 2 long walks

Played darts & Subbuteo
Left at 9.45
Home at 10.30

Top Pop Scene album
(ok annual I have always called them 'albums' must be a Northern thing!!)

In this 1975 'annual' there is an article about Paul McCartney. Not yet a 'Sir' and looking so much happier than of late after his ever so public divorce and his having to part with some of his millions......

Not one to 'bitch' about folk but a quote from his ex wife when leaving the court room with what was it £25 million?

She said words to the effect
' I will not be able to fly first class with my daughter any more'

How to win friends and influence people - you crazy woman!!!!! Have you no respect for yourself??

In 1975 Paul seemed a lot more content but for Linda's premature death maybe he would have remained so .. who knows??

I may have told this tale before but circa late 70s/ early 80s I bumped into Linda McCartney in Harrods. Although she was a few years older than me, we did that 'double take', doppleganger, split second look because we looked so alike.
It was a very strange experience indeed.

The other person I was 'likened to' in my growing up years was Princess Diana...

It is such a shame these two ladies are not around now as I would love to have seen how they grew and influenced the world


Julia aka Another Girl said...

Ooh I'm a huge Beatles fan,I snagged those photos ;)
And yes...she is one crazy woman.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

What on earth were you doing at Harrods? ...... mind you, I used to shop in Fortnums when I worked in the Royal Academy, so I shouldn't be surprised really....... carry on

70steen said...

I often shop at Harrods... mostly online these days. At least now I don't have to come South for Harvey Nichols any more we have one in Manchester.
Darn it you have just tempted me on to Fortnums (oh and Liberty!)

nursemyra said...

on my wedding day I had a lot of people tell me I looked like Princess Diana but I think it was mainly the 80s haircut.

I used to get told I looked like diane keaton in annie hall too.

but those two people don't look at all alike :-)

70steen said...

Julia ~ snagged? Is that like 'nicked'?

70steen said...

NM~ I think you do have a look of Diane Keaton as Annie Hall not sure though as she has got older :-)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Looks like I'll be in your neighborhood in late April! Wanna hook up for a couple of days? ;)