Monday, 31 March 2008

31st March 1979

Saturday 31
Grand National = Rubstic 1st (from where I was born and brought up the Grand National is a big occasion everything stops to watch the race. There was and is a need to put the 'housewife's' bet on ... the pathetic 25p each way on a horse that 'sounds a nice name', 'oooo the jockey has a nice shirt' ... never ever anything about form ! God forbid that may influence our decision. From being a small child I have had money on the National. Next weekend is the National I will have my pin out to pick the winner, or maybe looking for something significant in the name and the jockeys colours!!)

Work 11 - 5 £4.40 wages
Phoned Sam at 2.15 but he was out
Me & Fi went baby sitting til 2 am= shattered
Got £2.00 and bickies
Israel won the Eurovision Song contest

Here are a few more entries that year .... ours is 10 minutes in 'Mary Ann' by Black Lace (shockingly rubbish!)

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