Monday, 3 March 2008

3rd & 4th March 1979

Saturday 3
Got up at 9.00
Went to Lichfield in afternoon
It rained
Went for a coffee in a lovely tea place
Went to the Woolpack in the night and played darts

Sunday 4
Got up at 9.00
Went for a walk until lunchtime
Went to the Woolpack
Played darts = Sam v me = 1-1
Stayed in all afternoon
Caught 5.30 train
had a weep cos I didn't want to leave Sam
Came home = routine and boring
Phoned Sam

Sorry no addition tonight as Blog TV was on and yes as you would expect I lost in the Tuesday night quiz!! lol
Normal service (oh ok normal as normal gets in 70s land) will be continued tomorrow :-)


DianeCA said...

Cute blog, i was just wandering around cyberspace...clicking on blogrolls to other blogs i have visited and found yours. Good concept, as 70's teen myself I can really relate...the I love Donny Osmond poster got me right away LOL!!

tNb said...

Donny Osmond!!!! huh!!!! .... and tsk!!!!

70steen said...

Hi Diane CA welcome to 70s land. Glad you enjoyed your visit :-)
please pop by again soon

70steen said...

TnB~ WB ;-)

'tsk'??? now where have I heard that family expression from before ????

shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen... :)

that church looks like segrada familia in barcelona... ;)

uhuhhh... donny. :) i know nothing about him. one thing i know, u love him so much! *wink*

70steen said...

It is a great church ..... in fact it is Lichfield Cathedral very ornate

No b4by I realise you won't know who Donny is as he is old enough to be your dad (how scary is that) lol :-)

shle3pyb4by said...


Daddy Papersurfer said...

He's almost old enough to be my father ..........

70steen said...

You are so rude to Donny ... he is watching you know !!! :-P