Wednesday, 12 March 2008

12th & 13th March 1979

Monday 12
Uncle Jim's funeral
Wrote to Sam

d him he was very cheerful
Fi asked Chris round to Helen's house and he said yes to a new romance
Watched 'Dracula AD 1972' = good

Tuesday 13
Letter off Sam = ok
Fi is not back with Chris yet
He thinks it is too soon
Home at 3.30
Fi rang
I rang her back
Sam phoned = alright not grumpy
I feel very, very tired

In the 70s we couldn't quite decide what length our skirts should be.... from mini to maxi. This article is about Midis. I found that length such a horrid one to wear so didn't follow that trend.

Show A Leg!
'Midis are difficult to wear - if you are not careful, your legs can look really awful. But never fear, its not what you wear but what you wear with it.....'

Quite frankly their choice of shoes is shocking so I have included what 70s would advise.... you know how much 70s loves her shoes .... as do the other 'shoe junkies' Fracas, Sylvie, B4by and Nurse Myra
70s does agree to the ankle straps but to give a clear line from leg to shoe these are great

We all know that if your legs are a bit on the chunky side, boots are not a thing you can get on/zip up easily. So try these they lace up the front... fab!

If I had solid heavy legs the last thing I would wear is clumpy sensible shoes ...
Angel shoes appeal to me a lot more

This one I fully agree with

And finally if your legs are perfect

Why would you truss them up like this or wear a longer skirt?
Lets face it if you had legs like this who would be looking at your footwear!


sylvie d said...

SHOES...did I hear shoes???
I love the fashion side of your blog talks to me:)

sylvie d said...

Thank you for the plug x

Sugarqueensdream said...

I love shoes with all my feet er heart, But,have you ever saw a 260 pound woman, who is 5'2 in heels... It's disgraceful... Of course on a happier note I used to be 339 and 5'3 and on heels ...*sigh* Hugs love, I so enjoy reading your Blog. And of course I enjoy just having that smile you put to my lips :) Hugs and Sugar to you teens. Ummm my email is
Name please LOL LOL hugs sweetie~~

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've got legs like that!!! and you're right, people never look at my sandals ....... the socks maybe.....

70steen said...

Sylvie ~ yes I shouted SHOES really loudly I knew you would hear me :-)
I have neglected the fashion side a bit I must have a delve through some material for some more hot 70s gear

Thank you btw x

70steen said...

SQ ~ ah another shoe junkie .... :-)
You are so kind about my blog, it is a whole lot of fun to do and I am pleased it makes you smile.... smiling is good :-)

p.s. I have mailed you hugz

70steen said...

DP~ what you have women's legs? Do you wax? If that is the case I think a nice pair of kitten heels with the socks could be a great fashion statement for you to make lol :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi!!! shoes, shoes, shoes.... yummy!!! :)

err, well... true! to have that such a nice, gorgeous legs... nobody would ever noticed what you wear! even if you wear flip flops, nothing can goes wrong.. :)

how i wish i have that pair! :)

anyway, thanks for the linK!!! hmm, today is thursday, maybe i will do some retail therapy to get me a pair or two of new shoes... hmm... *thinking, eh.. not thinking! daddy warned me about tht! tee hee....*

so, not thinking, obviously im going to get myself shoes!! yayy!!

shle3pyb4by said...

eh forgot, did i thank you for the link? whoopsie! i did!!

anyway, thanks again!! love yoU! :)

fracas said...

When 70s calls... I come running. I always know it will be something good!

Judy.. my gosh, you're like superwoman for losing that much weight. I am so impressed!

70steen said...

B4by ~ retail therapy Yeah!!! Just love it I did a lot of that last weekend

Oh & what I wouldn't give for some lovely legs like that too :-)

70steen said...

Hi Dear Frac it's like having a fairy spell I call your name ... along with the magic word 'SHOES' and you appear
lol :-)

& I quite agree well done SQ that is some amazing achievement :-)

tNb said...

I came as quickly as I could ... did I hear something about shoes?? I need some serious 70s advice for beachy footwear ...

Anonymous said...

wow a fashion segment gets a lot of attention doesn't it? we gals are so shallow :-)

Boots are my thing, I have 12 pair including a pair like the shiny black dominatrix boots you've shown. but now that I've seen their mates with the coloured insets I'm salivating for more.

thanks for the link love sweetie x

70steen said...

tNb ~ WB. Now beach footwear front if it is somewhere like Blackpool you need wellies, the Costas maybe light footwear but if it is somewhere like say... Sri Lanka? then little or non are required ;-)

70steen said...

NM~ isn't it just so great to be shallow every now and again!!! :-)

I love boots too. Don't have 12 pairs but I am not far off. I have a great pair of DM's that are similar to the photo but not with the platforms & inserts (how great are they?) and as for my thigh length boots .. I love them.

You are welcome hun xx

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

ACK!....My trusty blog-mistress remembers those awful Greecian sandles!!! She actually wore them....with HOT PANTS!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

... and I bet your blog mistress looked HOT in that combo!

tNb said...

Is it possible to be footloose and fancy free in a kick-ass pair of boots? ;-)

70steen said...

Olga~ Your bog mistress is a very brave lady indeed.....'hot pants' lets hope DP or JC don't get wind of that!! lol ;-)

70steen said...

oops 'blog mistress' lol

70steen said...

tNb~ an interesting question but I reckon anything is possible in this world ;-)