Sunday, 2 March 2008

2nd March 1979

Friday 2
Went in to Stafford
Bought Sam Rod Stewart 12" single, a pair of ear rings, a record for my brother and some ribbon.
Went into Stafford at night = got v. drunk

Got back at 11.00 ish = good

(Looking at Rod's discography .... I reckon it must have been this single)

I have never been a great Rod fan (I have dipped in and liked a few of his tracks, First Cut, All for Love and his American Song Book trio had some great duets) but you can not argue that he certainly has stood the test of time.. I can't believe the guy is 63 years old now.


Anonymous said...

one of the very first live acts I ever saw was Rod Stewart. he stripped off most of his clothes during the concert and threw various pieces into the audience. women were going wild.

I guess I must have fancied him at the time but those days have long gone

Daddy Papersurfer said...

She prefers slightly younger men nowadays ....... ahem

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Btw - got you a fab present!! It's German actually - what's your waist size?

70steen said...

NM ~ so did you get a bit from him??

70steen said...

hey DP don't we all lol :-)

So is the pressie for me or NM??

If it is for me there is NO way I am putting my waist size on here !!! but I am so excited :-) I may have to *twirl* yoh!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I wonder if I ought to get one for NM? I bet she'd tell me her size ...

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't 'get a bit' from Rod Stewart. he turned up at a party that I was at, but he brought his own "bit" with him. blonde of course.

70steen said...

NM what is Rod without a blonde on his arm ????
(when I said a 'bit' I meant of his clothing lol )

DP ~ just guess :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

yayy!! someone's twirling in here too¬!! weee!! aah, NM size might be the nice size ones. i think... she's lovely!

anyway, hi people!! *throwing rose petals behind daddy's head!*

aah, with a twirl of course!! and a wave!

70steen said...

yes NM is gorgeous b4by in lots of ways :-)

Kimchihead said...

But the real question is: do you think he's sexy? Do you want his body? Come on, baby, let him know!

fracas said...

kimchihead - if we're talking about then Rod, my answers are:

a) no
b) no
c) I just did, he reads this blog... I'm sure of it.

if we're talking about now Rod, my answers are:

a) maybe.. depends if he's still into boys
b) no, I'm married. Can't do that.
c) I just did, he reads this blog... I'm sure of it.

70steen said...

Hi K I must agree with Frac on this, he does nothing for me at all not then not now :-)

OMG Frac what he reads this blog? I wonder if he's in touch with Donny? lol :-D