Sunday, 9 March 2008

7th/8th & 9th March 1979

Wednesday 7
Uncle Jim died yesterday
Mum = upset

Letter off Sam

Wrote back

He phoned at lunchtime

I phoned him at 10.45
he was grumpy cos footy was on (still hadn't learnt not to interrupt a man whilst he is watching footy lol)
bed at 11.35

Thursday 8
Got up at 10.00
Washed my hair and blow dried it straight, it looks ace
Did meringues in cookery, it was only a demo though

Sam phoned at 9.45

He sounded a bit grumpy or maybe it was tiredness

Friday 9
Had 4 hours off due to lessons cancelled
Went to Cheryls house = nice house
It hailed, snowed, rained & th
e sun shone (the joy's of British weather)
Did an essay on Barnardo's

Phoned Sam
He was quite cheerful (horray lol)

Wrote to him

There is an interesting article in the Jac
kie magazine I have come across. I know Nurse Myra over at Gimcrack has done a lot of research into this area with some real success...... The article is called FACE FACTS

The article states that every feature on
your face gives away something about your personality. So time to learn something about your friends and yourself !! (70s Ed it is a load of old tosh but I thought the little illustrations were quite cool)

Large eyes :- a dreamer or idealist
Narrowness:- a perceptive, practical character
Close together:- self centred or introspective (70s Ed m
y mum always told me 'never trust a man with eyes close together lol)
Expressive:- an emotional character
Eyes that flicker about continually (70s
Ed worrying!):- a light weight personality, possibly full of good ideas but no staying power

Eyebrows(is she smoking??)
Thick brows:- strong personality
Marked curve in the centre:- willfulness and determination to have their own way
Wispy and wide apart:- a child-like
trust in others

Full & wide:-
Narrow:- firm character and not much influenced by emotions
The width indicated generosity

A narrow, pursed mouth with small round lips indicates primness and narrowness of outlook.
The gap between lip and nose:- s
mall and deeply indented shows a quick reaction to emotional situations. A long or smooth area show calmness and forethought.

Small neat bones are feminine attributes, broad large bones are masculine ones.
Therefore, a large nose in a girl shows a god measure of the 'masculine' virtues of practical commonsense, determination and firmness of character - a dominant personality.
A small nose in a m
an, on the other hand, shows the 'feminine' virtues of creativity, delicacy and tact - a persuasive personality
The bridge of the nos
e indicates arrogance & pride - the smaller the bump, the more easy going the personality

Forehead (shape not size)
Narrow:- main influence on the character is emotion rather than intellect
High:- intelligent & deep though not necessarily decisive thought
Marked bumps:- egotist
Easily crumples into deep creases:- fluid, changeable personality
Tint lines that show early above ea
ch eyebrow:- wit

Chin (shape rather than amount)
Firm, small and well shaped:- determination and logic
Large, loose that melts into the jaw:- decisivene
ss and self-indulgence
Small round indentation:- charm
Deep straight cleft:- forceful personality
Small downward curving line just under lower lip:- ruthless streak

Indicate the balance between the intellect and the emotion
The nearer the eyes they are the more store is set by ideas
Small flat ears:- aggressive personality
Large ears:- calm but confident person
Fleshy lobes:- sensuality

Now that you have studied all the various features, remember that when the same characteristic is repeated in different feature, this means their virtue or failing plays an important part in their character
If different characteristics are shown in the various features, this indicates a many-sided personality (70s Ed - you don't say?)

I got fed up of typing .....


John C said...

Sensuality of the face. I'm getting warm here. Oh, sorry. My laptop was on my lap. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

I'm emotional, determined and intelligent.

and evil. but they don't seem to have a facial attribute for evil


70steen said...

NM~ you 'evil' no way....... naughty, mischievous, yes - evil nah!!!!!!

70steen said...

JC do you want me to open a window for you? Pour you a cold beer?
You really should wear trousers that laptop has made some impression :-)

70steen said...

Apparently I am willful, determined, firm, easy going, charming and aggressive.... hey ho tra la la la :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Why is that lady balancing a bogey on her nose? ............ and why does the thought of John's lap upset me so much?
I'll think of Nursey's lap instead ...........

70steen said...

So many question's obviously your pea has been kick started after your win!!!

So how does Nursie feel about you thinking of her lap???
& JC will be feeling hurt!! :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

He can take it .........

70steen said...

but can Nursie??

John said...

@70s: No matter how many times I open a window on the laptop, my lap gets warmer.

@DP: "It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else the comment not be in."

@70s: No, I won't be hurt. I'm his #1 fan, except when he starts goin' 'Brokeback Mountain' on me. (Ewwww. "On me???")

Anonymous said...

daddyp is thinking of my lap? but what does TG think about that?

sylvie d said...

sensual determined, intelligent,deep,calm, a dreamer,C'EST MOI! Have you noticed how DP managed to distract from the test?

shle3pyb4by said...

hi!!!!!!! :)
yup!!daddy always distracting others from his own answers... traa laa laa....

mine would be...
large eyes - dreamer or idealist! more like a dreamer... :(
marked curve in the centre - willfulness and determination to have their own way... stubborn? yes i am.
full and wide - sensual... hmm, have to think about that.
small - feminine attributes? haha...
high - intelligent and deep though not necessarily decisive thoughts...hmm....
small round indentation - charm???
large ears - calm but confident person? or maybe i am small but not flat ears... so, hows tht? haha... i am so confused!

anyway, here i am!! :) traa laa laa to everyone!!!

70steen said...

Sylvie~ I know! He moans when I do a 'girlie' quiz then side swipes those he could do... I blame it on his 'boxed head' lol

70steen said...

B4by~ you are confused? I am too with what it says about my features lol.. but you are here :-) that deserves a *twirl* :-)

70steen said...

NM@ DP is a bit silent here ???

70steen said...

Oh JC~ electrical goods near the important parts of your body are not good long term..... they do get hot (the electrical goods that is) and can result in an awful rash and discomfort................... do you need some cream??

John said...

::melts at what she said::

70steen said...

oh no what did I say??.........