Friday, 21 March 2008

21st March 1979

Wednesday 21
Got to college at 9.45 cos of erratic trains.
But lesson was cancelled
Came home again
Mar still off work
Sam phoned at 12.45
I phoned him back later
Watched 'Dirty Money'
Bought a souffle dish £1.39

I must confess I did think Alain Delon was absolutely gorgeous and as for his sexy French accent oooo la la.

I first came across him when I watched The Yellow Rolls Royce (made 1964). I obviously saw this some years later ! But what a great film.

A clip from Un Flic aka Dirty Money (still no speakers so apologies if it is not what it seems !!)


nursemyra said...

I haven't seen Dirty Money but it looks great and I love Alain Delon.

coincidentally, I was at Sydney's French Film Festival last weekend and Catherine Deneuve turned up to introduce her new film. she stayed afterwards for a Q & A too. she still looks amazing

70steen said...

I have not seen Dirty Money since 1979... it took a bit of time to find all the links, I may have to revisit the film.
But how gorgeous was Alain?
Catherine is fab and how well she looks today, she has a kind heart which shows :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You were late because of erotic trainers!!!?! ....... hang on, I better re-read .......

70steen said...

Doh!!!!! DP you had me going back to check too :-P

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I thought you were going to sort out your speakers yesterday.

70steen said...

I know I have been too busy plus it is a phaff all those wires et al

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Go bluetoothy or something

70steen said...


Another Girl said...

Dirty Money! Great film =)
Thanks for the welcome btw.

tNb said...

Erotic trainers ... sounds like it's DP's mind that's dirty, not the money! ;-)

PS: Alain Delon ... *swoon*

70steen said...

Welcome to 70s land & blogworld AG :-)

70steen said...

tNb ~ yep I think his one cell needs a bit of laundering lol

You know that Alain Delon is 72 now!!!