Sunday, 30 March 2008

30th March 1979

Friday 29
Letter off Sam
He phoned at lunchtime
Fi went to her grand dads funeral in Cleveleys
My brother gave me £5.00 (wow all I can think of is that I used to charge him for doing his ironing and hemming up his trousers and this was he owed me, as it is highly unlikely he would have just given me money. Brothers just don't do that kind of thing!)

Did a bit of homework

Phoned Sam

Love him

On the front it says 'colour pin-ups' so I thought I would share the bevy of beauties they published. If you click on their pictures it will take you to a piece of their music from the 70s.

Alvin Stardust

Bay City Rollers - (wow Les McKeown must have been small just look at the size of his shoes!!)

David Essex - oh he looks 'hot' on this track

Elton John - what a tremendous track

Queen - having a good time - fabulous

Roxy Music - Let's stick together feat Jerry Hall ....

& last, but by no means least Donny (swoon)

I must say I have really enjoyed surfing for the sounds on this one :-)


Anonymous said...

in my sad state of being off work i e-mailed alvin stardust last week to his web site(yes i know how sad i am) anyway my question was why did he have 2 houses in liverpool when he was actually from london and then from nottingham. you see i always thought he was a scouser as he has a slight liverpool accent, or so i thought. funny this though, do you know what no one answered my question.

70steen said...

you didn't?????? hee hee
When you are back at work you will look back on this time & laugh!!

I always thiught Alvin had something to do with Liverpool... was his wife from here??

ah a bit from Wiki 'Stardust has been married three times: firstly to Iris Caldwell, who was an ex-girlfriend of both George Harrison and Paul McCartney, having grown up with them in Liverpool' he must have moved up here as a child!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

What about the thought of Donny being naked whilst working on his laptop ............ ?

nursemyra said...

brian ferry looks so evil in that clip. I am unfortunately very attracted to evil

Anonymous said...

on his bio it says he was born in london, and at the age of one moved to nottingham and thats where he grew up. wasn't he someone else before he was alvin. (i keep wanting to say alvin and the chipmonks)shane fenton or someone like that.

i really do need to get back to work now, this is taking over my life....i mean e-mailing the man, what is the matter with me.

went to see brian ferry a couple of years ago, he didn't look well had a bad cold. my hubby dragged me along he used to scare me, brian i mean not my hubby....well actually him as well. lol

seen queen live, fantastic. that was back in the 70's.

donny was never my cup of tea, don't mind him now though.

70steen said...

DP~now you are talking yummmmy!!

70steen said...

NM ~ me and you both how sexy was he!! oh yes!!

70steen said...

Annie glad you have come around to my way of thinking Donny is so more lovely that Cliff that you hankered over for years and doesn't like gals!!

Oh poor Bryan... at least he soldiered on not to let his fans down
(no DP he wasn't fan dancing!!)