Saturday, 1 March 2008

1st March 1979

Thursday 1
Earth, Wind & Fire Concert
See Sam. Get 3.21 train

Went to college 12 - 1 pm
Got to Liverpool at at 2.25.
Met Mike in the precinct
Got to Stafford at 4.30

Met Sam
Concert = real ace
It was difficult to see but the effects where great.

Yes I kept the ticket. I found it stuck in an old scrapbook

I had been to many concerts as a teen (Blood Sweat & Tears, Mud, Bay City Rollers, Cozy Powell, Sweet, Wizard, Electric Light Orchestra, Roxy Music, Gary Glitter) but this was the first one out side of The Floral Hall, Southport. It was at Bingley Hall and a massive gig. So many people. The stage show was spectacular. The You Tube clip below is of their concert in Japan in 1979 so it would have been what I saw in 1979 too.


John said...

ELO is what kept me in orchestra playing the violin. I'd say something about the dulcimer, but the fan club'll laugh maybe. :)

70steen said...

as if the fan club would laugh ???
I wanted to play the trumpet like Louis A but was asked to learn/play the cello ... hey as a teen there was no way I was sitting with a big wooden thing between my legs !!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I learnt the piano - it fitted beautifully between my legs.

Anonymous said...


70steen said...

NM~ have they gone now...

DP ~ *snigger*