Wednesday, 19 March 2008

19th March 1979

Monday 19
Slept in (yep had a bit of that today ... panicville as I was on a course & had to be there!!)
Went to college at 11.00

id Sociology essay & nutrition homework.
Wrote to Sam

Phoned him and Fi

He sounded quiet or grumpy?

Well I have finished work for the Easter break (yip ... bloody.. yippeee!!) Easter in 1979 fell 13th April (Good Friday), 16th April (Easter Monday) This year Easter is unusually early (something about new moons et al and not again in my life time! That is the gist of it!) and has thrown up such confusion with schools breaking up. My teen is off for the long weekend then back in until the 4th April then off for 2 weeks!!!! I am grateful for the early break as I need it plus I have some time off with Teen in a few weeks too!!

So lets see! maybe a picture quiz is due from the Popswop annual 1976..........

No idea about Number 1. Know Number 2 & 3, not Number 4
(but seen the answer and still can't see it!),
Number 5 I know

vague recollection of Number 6, easy peasy Number 7, Number 8 only recognise 1 person so that gave me the answer!, yep got Number 9,
Number 10 (has to reflect Number 9 answer but can you believe the 'nice bit of meat' quote!!!!)

will post the answers tomorrow... have a go!! :-)


tNb said...

Nice bit of meat there?!?!? Did I read that correctly ... ?? Nice bit of meat?!?!?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

She's Canadian you know ...... has trouble reading.
I think I know the same ones as you ....... then again maybe not.
How's the knitting going?

70steen said...

tNb~ yes you read it right!! I was laughing out loud last night after I had scanned it and read through it ...... absolutely priceless!!!!

70steen said...

DP~ what ?? tNb is Canadian??? well I never!!!!!lol

yep your kevlar vest is knitted with self destruct buttons sewn in

nursemyra said...

wow 70s they are really hard. and some of them look like they're from the 60s.

ok I've got #7 ono/lennon #8 new seekers(? I think that's keith potger in the middle ?) and #9 Lulu...

I'll just throw some names into the mix for the others and see if I get any right - Slade, Sweet, The Springfields, Hot Chocolate, Manfred Mann?

is the trio of black girls the shirelles? I don't think it's the supremes but I could be wrong...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

She's Canadian ....... in a way ..... it's quite complicated actually.