Tuesday, 25 March 2008

25th March 1979

Sunday 25

Mother's Day
Got up at 11.20

e Mum her pressy and card
Walked around Ainsdale

Stayed in all afternoon
Fi rang

Sam left as usual at 7.30
Won't see him until 6/3/79

He phoned from Lime Street

some out takes from a 70s article ....

'If you want to be a pear then eat a pear! If you want to be a lemon then eat a lemon. So in other words if you want to be fruity then eat fruit! Sounds fun and would be fun if this was the case but unfortunately when they say you are what you eat they don't mean it literally. (70sEd - obviously an article targeted at the less than intelligent reader!!) It's more a case of eating plenty of fruit for soft unblemished skin,; dairy products for healthy bones and lots of meat for large tantalising muscles.'

'Perhaps it's just as well we don't turn into our favourite foods because you imagine a Les Gray buttie turning up at a concert with the rest of Mud?' (70s Ed - I think this guy was taking drugs when he wrote this)

'Les adores butties (70s Ed - yep it is buttie up here too, along with sarnie or aka a sandwich) be they filled with mangos, 'nanas or Smarties'

Pretty Lyndsey de Paul can never be called a 'fish face', even though she adores eating fish. She says " There is so much goodness and protein in fish. I particularly like fish such as herrings, bloaters & kippers (70s Ed - so if Lydnsey pops round be sure to have bloaters at the ready).

'Mr Barry Blue admits he thoroughly enjoys cooking his own meals and experimenting with assorted foods. " I am no Cordon Bleu chef or anything like that" he laughs "I just get loads of things together mix them up, cook them and hope for the best. My favourite dish is Egg Cocotte which is eggs, beans, chips and mushrooms all beaten to a pulp (70s Ed _ not according to Delia it isn't). Then I sprinkle this over with flour, bung it in the oven and leave to cook. I must confess that when it comes out it looks vile (70s Ed - you don't say!) but it tastes delicious. I don't think there is anything sissy in a man cooking his own food!" (70s Ed - just admit it Barry YOU CAN'T COOK)

'Donny Osmond (70s Ed - swoon) is a patriotic food lover at heart. His favourite snack in between his main course meals is a large scrumptious American hamburger - our Wimpy's are like peanuts in comparison (70s Ed - if that were true he would be humongous in size... who wrote this rubbish?? lol)

'Finally we come to that super hunk of male, Gary Glitter (70s Ed- now I know this guy is having a laugh!!), who everyone knows, loves curry - the hotter the better (70s Ed - I could have a field day here but I won't ;-) )
"Unfortunately curry and the foods I like most are always the fattening kind" laughs Gary "I'm always watching my figure anyway as I put on weight so easily - I only have to look at a doughnut and I'll gain
a spare midriff!"

70s Ed -I wonder if he has just spotted a doughnut??


Another Girl said...

Hmm... if you are what you eat, I'd be raw fish wrapped in chocolate!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Feeling a tad peckish now ........ bye.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I admire your restraint when commenting on Gary Glitter - tee hee

tNb said...

Just had popcorn for dinner ... so what does that make me? Lacking in nutrients and full of hot air? ;-)

nursemyra said...

what the hell is barry blue's recipe all about? that sounds atrocious.

and I'm not sure I'd like to eat at Les Grays' house either. mango sandwiches?????

70steen said...

AG ~ that is an interesting receipe.....could I place an order sans raw fish!!!! Oh and don't skimp on the chocolate :-)

70steen said...

DP~ hee hee didn't want a law suit against me ;-)

70steen said...

tNb ~ popcorn meal ... tsk (was it butterscotch, toffee .. my fav... or plain old cardboard flavour)

Popcorn does seem quite apt as you are popping around all over the place!!!

70steen said...

NM ~ I know !! What is wrong with eating a plate of egg, chips, beans & mushrooms.... yummy
(just love egg and chips with red sauce)

Anonymous said...
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