Thursday, 13 March 2008

14th March 1979

Wednesday 14
Sociology lecturer was away today
Came home at 1/2 11
Sam phoned for 22p worth
Fi phoned
Met her at 1.20 and went trampolining
Phoned Sam but he was out at Stoke v Orient match.
He phoned back later

Love this article. Again it is 'no pressure' (much) on a teen girl. It is titled ~

Are you the girl for him??
'Well are you? He'll know by the way you are dressed - so check up with some of your favourite people and see what they like their girls to wear!'

It has 3 of the heart throbs I had on my bedroom wall plus BCR (I did think Woody was quite cute though)
It is a dreadful thing to scan so please excuse the quality but I wanted to show the styles.

Donny (swoon) says ~ 'I guess I'm just a romantic at heart. I like to see girls in large print dresses with narrow waists and full flared skirts. Makes me feel romantic just thinking about it!'

Bryan (swoon) says ~ ' I like to see a girl with a sense of good taste and style, dressed in well-cut, fashionable clothes.It's especially good when a girl can adapt high fashion to suit herself. My favourite is a long, black, slinky dress worn with thin, high heels... I really dislike great ugly platforms'

Bay City Rollers say~ 'Definitely casual! We don't like to see girls looking too dressy or too made up. Jeans and T-shirts or jumpers are best, but girls should still look like girls so we think long hair helps.... its much nicer than a short crop. Of course, we really love to see girls dressed in Rollers' fashions - V- neck jumpers, bags and stripy socks'

David (swoon) says ~ ' I like girls to look lady like and I think if she is quietly and tastefully dressed she looks really attractive. Elegant shoes and a handbag look great with a 30s style dress. I hate big wedgy shoes, As for materials my favourites are crepe and beautiful old prints'

mmmm I am afraid Donny as much as I love you you would never catch me in a frock like that..... so my future lies with either Bryan or David. I know I can ditch the platforms lol


tNb said...

"but girls should still look like girls so we think long hair helps" ... I guess that explains why my Dorothy Hamill haircut was such a flop ...

70steen said...

cropped and permed are a definite NO NO

But I believe that the perm is coming back... quick hide away in the hills :-)

nursemyra said...

I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I have long hair.

please save me from the bay city rollers

70steen said...

ooo NM I had you more of a David Essex girl, dressed all feminine everyday ;-)

must admit I do like tight fitted v-neck sweaters though

nursemyra said...

no I'm too much of a dominatrix to be really femme :-)