Monday, 10 March 2008

10th March 1979

Saturday 10
Worked 11.00 - 5.00 £4.60 wages
Bought a file £1.30
Went baby sitting with Fi
Got £2.00
Phoned Sam
He's not very talkative as usual
Got home at 1.00 am
Mar = nagging

This weekend 70steen had a fellow 70steen staying. Quite weird as we were at the same school but only hooked up as mates about 6 years ago.
Occasionally this other 70steen comments on 70steen as Anonymous, she is not a blogger but I like to think of her as a 70s researcher (or aka 'a mind of information').
I have my diaries and she has a phenomenal memory.

We spent some time this weekend chatting about what we both remembered as we were growing up. I tell you she had me saying '
OMG~ yes I had forgotten about that' on more than one occasion.

Friday night was a hoot, in fact the whole weekend was, as we drank too much wine and I attempted to write down what Annie Mouse reminded me of, for additions to 70sland (there a few things I can't even read & I wrote them!)

One of my favourite T.V. programmes of th
e 70s was the Here Come the Double Deckers. It ran over 17 episodes and was bunch of kids hanging out in London double decker bus, sorting out problems, having competitions, adventures but most of they were all having fun together. It was an eclectic mix of intelligence, colour, nationality & weight.
There was Doughnut, Scooper, Springer, Brains, Tiger, Sticks and Billie.

Two of the characters went on to better and brighter things
Peter Firth (Scooper) went on to appear in Equus, Hunt for Red October, Tess, Letter to Brezhnev, Pearl Harbor and the popular BBC series Spooks.
Brinsley Forde (Springer) Appeared in 'Please Sir' and Diamonds are Forever' notibly he was the was a founder of the band Azwad

Yes we were doing the dance... blame the wine !!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

So, is the saga with Sam burning down and beginning to flicker?
'He's not very talkative as usual'
Is it going to end in tears? Do I need a tissue handy?

..... and don't drink so much - you have to be very careful ..... at your age.

70steen said...

oh it had its ups and downs .... but you will have to page back a bit to find out how many years it continued!!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I loved the Double Deckers too. Gillian Bailey (Billie) was in a lot of things afterwards but then disappeared from view. I asked on my blog what had happened to her and someone replied that she had become a doctor.

70steen said...

Hi Gail
Weren't they such great fun?
There is something on their web page about where they all ended up I think?

Anonymous said...

from what i remember from saturday morning, you did well to remember that much from the friday night.

i'm still in pain with all the dancing.

(billie) gilllian was in follie foot farm as well.

Anonymous said...

if after watching the double deckers click on the link below, for follyfoot and gillian bayley (cally is her name) is talking the the main character in it, who is also called gillian in real life.

70steen said...

Hi Annie Mouse :-)

mmm I seem to recall (or do I?) that it was you that started the dance off!!!!!

What link btw? Have you been drinking again lol

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Are we blogging every other day now or are we still suffering from a hangover? ........ just asking

70steen said...

humfffff no I have an internet connection and computer that is working at the speed of a slug.....

Anonymous said...

no i haven't been drinking again. click on the double deckers you tube link you have and then click on menu on the you tube link and then on to the folly foot farm picture and the dancey one out of double deckers is talking eventually to the girl out of folly foot in the clip. is that simple enough for you 70's teen.

70steen said...

Thank you Annie Mouse

You see I just watch the clip from the blog never thought of opening up You Tube.
You know the scary thing is I could still sing along with the song after 34 years lol

This is the link for others who can't be bothered :-)