Tuesday, 18 March 2008

17th & 18th March 1979

Saturday 17
Clocks forward
St. Patricks Day

Worked 11.00 -5.00 £4.40 wages.
Not very busy Sam dropped a fire extinguisher on his foot. ahh!
Went to Fiona F's 18th party at Altcar= really good

Went back to Stan's house after

Sunday 18
Got up at 11.30
Rang 'J'

Went to the Railway (pub) for a drink with Sam & 'J' from 12.30 - 2.00pm
Stayed in the rest of the afternoon

Sam left at 7.30 to get his 8.45 train to Stafford

Love him He phoned from Lime Street

The other weekend when Annie Mouse stayed we danced, drank, laughed but above all we shopped. Hey that is what fellow 70steens do!!
I featured on here that we took a trip down memory lane and posted about the Double Deckers (a big favourite of ours) amongst others, following her visit.

I was big into ponys and horse riding as an early teen/pre teen but had to give it up as the lessons were cripplingly expense for mum (I do remember having a huge tantrum as maybe younger than a teen, where I was told I couldn't have a horse & could not get my head around why I couldn't keep one in the shed and garden!!)

So I had to be content in watching programmes about them.
That brings me to another favourite that Annie pointed out was 'Follyfoot Farm' (she made reference of it in my comments box). Even now 30 odd years later I can still sing along... yes OK out of tune but when did that ever stop me lol!!
I had such a huge crush on Steve Hodge ~ Steve

The girl fancied Steve but it never quite happened.... this next clip has a write up 'Steve & Dora never quite made it'
Bearing in mind I have no speakers just now .. it is a big trust on featuring this You Tube clip!!!!!


tNb said...

Follyfoot didn't quite make it over here ... but I do remember being banished to camp for several weeks one summer crossing the Rockies on horseback ... cured me of any romantic horsey delusions!

Anonymous said...

i have just sent you the words for white horses.
you were singing that in your drunken state the other weekend.

i've just bought a magpie book for 49p.

70steen said...

tNb~ thank you for clearing a 'teen fantasy..... riding on horse back across the plains not a care in the world... I reckon you are describing the bicycle experience I posted over at Nursies lol :-)

Anonymous said...

do you know what i liked best about dora, well now anyway, her feather cut i had one just like it. i would love that hair cut now.

mine looked somewhat grown out but do you remember my school photo.

70steen said...

Annis Mouse- yes I know you sent White Horses 'let me ride away tra la la' but I have stored that for a future post .. shushhhh maybe no one will notice

Magpie!! have you sourced a cheaper T-shirt yet for me :-)

Is your scanner working yet???

70steen said...

Annie ~ I have been looking for that photo and can't find it in my awful filing system but do recall that both of us had 'bad' feather cuts and even worse dogs hind leg partings .... send me again it and I will post us both (disguised of course to protect the innocent!!)

Anonymous said...

you can rest in the fact that the song on the follyfoot love tangle was ok. betcha by golly wa your one that i've been waiting for forever.that was the song. you know the one don't you if you want i can sing it for you.

no boss i haven't but i will get on to it. i could make you one myself as we made the son a games one at christmas, what can be cheaper than that. daughter draws it i put it on the special paper and bobs your uncle fannies your aunt.(i can't believe i've just said that)

not set up yet boss. its looks like the one you got i think.

Anonymous said...

hey i'm not that stupid, you lost it, not my problem.

my filing system may not have it.

and you speak for yourself mine was lovely and as you can't find it you can't prove it wasn't it was just that i hadn't brushed my hair that day, that was all.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Have you lot finished now? .... sheesh ....... I've forgotten what I was going to say now.
Anyway, more to the point, does anyone know when the clocks are going forward this year?
Sorry, forgot you haven't got speakers

tNb said...

We're waaay ahead of you DaddyP, we sprang forward weeks ago!

DaddyP said...

I heard you were forward .........

70steen said...

Annie you know that you would love to appear in person on 70s land!!
aw come on get that photee over here lol

You have 'special paper'.... I want some... is it transfer paper coz I have an idea!!!!

70steen said...

Finished for no GOG.... weekend around the 29th/30th..... in answer to your Q :-)