Thursday, 27 March 2008

27th March 1979

Tuesday 27
First lesson cancelled
Fi'd grandad died
She was in tiers (yep ok tears)

Not much good at comforting (that is a thing I expect comes with age!)

Mrs Issac left her baby is due early June

Sam phoned

He sounded so nice

Spoked to 'J'

This is a fashion bit of advice Circa 197
7 called

here you were either a 'skinnie', a 'medium' (cross my palm with silver) or a ...... 'fattie'!! what happened to curvaceous, fuller figure???? not sure whether you will be able to read the script ... I do hope so !! No wonder teenagers get confused!!!

Skinnies - terms used 'like a stick of spaghetti', flat-chested, no hips, matchstick legs!!!
Medium! no escape there either :- big bottom, fat thighs, non-existent bust

Fatties (I can't believe they titled it so) - basically wear dowdy, dull colours and cover it all up

Now not what to wear (I feel like Trinny & Suzanna). I have never agreed with the horizontal stripes bit, I think it looks nice on large or small!!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Mrs Issac left her baby! Where? That's a tad worrying ............

Anonymous said...

yes i was thinking that myself, really rather was me that was in the remedial class miss 70's teen you were in the top set and you still couldn't write.....

70steen said...


'Mrs Issac left - her baby is due early June'

Annie just be careful agreeing with or thinking like DP, you never know what maybe unleashed

Gail said...

No fatties nowadayds...everyone is too PC. Instead we have the euphemism "curvy"

Anonymous said...

gosh that baby must be feeling its age now if its reading this. 29 years old. have i added that up right as you know me and maths.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Who A. Nonymouse is I don't know, ..... but by Gawd, she's thorough!

70steen said...

Hi Gail ~ yes the 70s was a time when there was little PC about..... we certainly have gone to the extreme these days!

70steen said...

Hi Annie yep you are right ... well done I knew the extra curriculum maths would go a miss :-)
Hope you have got your feet up relaxing? If you haven't I hope you are scanning hee hee

70steen said...

yep DP our Annie is very through... hey she is a fellow 70steen !!!!

Anonymous said...

not got the scanner up and running yet, as i have to bend down to do it. i keep looking at it willing it to do it, its self, but it's not moved as yet.

renalfailure said...

I think the lesson to be learned from these pictures is that everything looks better with knee-high boots. Even the fatties.

It was just as true in the 70's as it is today.

70steen said...

Hi Renal & welcome :-)

You are of course absolutely right in your observation..... knee - highs are an essential addition to any gals wardrobe